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Flash Profoto C1 professional smartphone lighting

Profoto C1 professional smartphone lighting
Profoto C1 professional smartphone lighting Profoto C1 professional smartphone lighting Profoto C1 professional smartphone lighting Profoto C1 professional smartphone lighting
  • For iPhone 7 and above (Android version coming)
  • Compact pocket size
  • Round shape with soft light
  • Built-in reflectors and diffuser
  • Automatic and manual mode
  • Built-in shooting button
  • Adjustable power levels (max. 1600 lumens)
  • Anti-flicker constant light mode
  • Li-Po battery - 2000 pulses with max. power or 30 minutes constant lighting
  • Charging in 2 hours
  • Variants:
  • Profoto C1 Plus professional smartphone lighting
Price: 589,00 BGN


Profoto C1 is a studio flash and permanent lighting for a smartphone that lets you create professional images with just one click.

The circular shape of the Profoto C1 flashlight, together with the built-in reflectors and the dome diffuser, provide a soft and evenly distributed light that resembles natural light sources.

Shoot in automatic flash mode with light conditions or go into manual mode for full control of power, exposure and color temperature.

Designed to fit in the palm of your hand, the Profoto C1 is a combination of pulsed and permanent portable lighting for smartphones, providing beautiful light on the go and helping to create professional-looking images at the touch of a button. Shoot in ambient light and switch between natural and dramatic effects with just one swipe of your finger. For those who would like more control over power, exposure and color temperature, C1 can also be used in manual mode.

The Profoto C1 is designed in a circular shape that distributes light smoothly, softly and evenly. Thanks to the wide range of colors, you will be able to match the C1 with a wide variety of lighting conditions, ranging from dusk to dawn. To keep your images natural, the built-in reflectors and the dome diffuser create natural shadows, the color rendering index> 90 produces light that is very close to the living room.

Its built-in lithium-polymer battery withstands about 2000 full-power pulses or 30 minutes of continuous full-power light. After exhaustion, it can be recharged in two hours using the included USB Type-C to Type-A cable.

Profoto C1 is compatible with iPhone 7 and higher and with the Profoto Camera app - the professional camera for smartphones by the masters of light - Profoto.

Box contents

Profoto C1 Professional Smartphone Lighting

USB Type-C - Type-A Cable

Profoto C1 professional smartphone lighting

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Price: 589,00 BGN

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