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Power Pack Profoto 900893 D4 4800 Air

Profoto 900893 D4 4800 Air
Profoto 900893 D4 4800 Air Profoto 900893 D4 4800 Air Profoto 900893 D4 4800 Air
  • The D4 4800 Air is a super-powerful generator delivering high-quality photographs thanks to the lack of power and color temperature deviations, even in intense operation. It also enables wireless synchronization and control via the Air system. Power setting is a very fine step - 1/10 of the pulse.
  • Pilot lighting power: 4 x 500W- (2000W)
  • Weight: 13.5kg
  • Top number: 180
  • Power control: 1/1, 1/10 step
  • Power: 4800 Ws
  • Scope: 300m
  • Radio sync: Yes, Air Sync & Air Remote
  • Dimensions: 36 x 28 x 20cm
Price: 22 189,00 BGN


The generator has 4 independent outputs, with a regulator for each output. It also has unique features such as: series, delay and interval settings.


Synchronization and control
Nest - heads 4
Radio sync Yes, Air Sync & Air Remote
Radio remote control Yes, Air Remote
Radio Scope 300m
Computer control via Profoto Studio software (for Mac and PC) via Air USB transceiver
USB interface Yes, for remote control and firmware updates
General features
Aux Functions Consistent, Interval, Delay
Top number 180 @ 2 m / ISO 100 with Magnum reflector
Recharge time 0.12-4.4s at 230V / 50Hz, 0.12-4.4s at 120V / 60Hz
Power 100-127V / 200-240V, 50 / 60Hz
Power control 1/10 or 1 f-stop
Power 4800 Ws
Voltage in the synchronous cable ISO 10330 compliant
Power range 8 f-stops (37.5-4800Ws)
Range in asymmetric distribution maximum 7.8 f-stops
Pilot lighting - maximum power (head) 500W
Pilot lighting - maximum power (total) 2000 W
Power distribution Socket A 36-4800Ws Socket B 36-4800Ws Socket C 36-2400Ws Socket D 36-1200Ws
Synchro jack 2
Synchronization and control>
Voltage stability +/- 1/100 f-stop
Color temperature - operating deviation less than +/- 150ºK
Photoce ll / IR-slave, Switch yes
Digital display Yes, f-stops, Ws, Aux functions and radio channels
Cooling (fan) automatically adjustable to temperature
Standby alerts Yes, by pilot lamp, beep or buzzing sound and / or pilot light reduction
Auto dumping yes
Recharge mode normal, fast
Protection - (fuse) fuse type D, 10A / 230V, 20A / 120V automatic fuse type D, 10A / 230V 20A / 120V
WEIGHT 13.5kg
Dimensions 36 x 28 x 20cm

Box contents

Profoto 900893 D4 4800 Air
1 x Synchro cable
1 x Power cord
1 x Profoto Studio Software
1 x User's Guide
1 x Warranty

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