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Camera Leica M-A TYP 127

M-A TYP 127
M-A TYP 127 M-A TYP 127 M-A TYP 127 M-A TYP 127 M-A TYP 127
M-A TYP 127 M-A TYP 127
  • Classic telemetry film camera
  • For 35mm movies
  • Completely mechanical
  • Large and clear viewfinder with 0.72x magnification
  • Automatic activation of framing markers with Leica M lenses
  • Selectable markers for framing
  • Hotshoe with central contact
  • Up to 1/50 sec X-sync
Price: 10 699,00 BGN
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Free delivery
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Leica MA Typ 127 is a classic telemetry film camera for 35 mm films. The model is typical of the legendary brand - completely mechanical, simple and unobtrusive.

The stylish all-metal body is equipped with a shutter speed controller (1 - 1/1000 sec + Bulb), a large and clear viewfinder with a magnification of 0.72x, which in combination with the precision rangefinder gives excellent control over manual focusing with Leica M and accurate framing with parallax correction. On the back panel of the Leica MA Typ 127 there is an indicator for the sensitivity of the film used.

When using Leica M lenses with a focal length of 16 to 135mm, the framing markers in the viewfinder are activated automatically for each lens. For other focal lengths, they can be selected separately.

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