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35mm Film Cameras 1 - 10 of 10

Camera Ilford Harman Reusable Camera with 2 Kentmere films

  • 35mm reusable flash camera
  • Complete with 2 Kentmere Pan 400 films
  • Batteries and wrist strap included
  • Weight: 100g
Price: 59,00 BGN
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Code: 100050146
Camera Lomo HP150SLR Konstruktor F

  • Make your SLR with your own hands! This set of constructors makes it easy to learn the basic principles of film camera operation The set includes all the necessary elements, a screwdriver, guide and patches for customizing the camera Removable 50mm f / 10 lens
Price: 78,00 BGN
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Code: 100050020
Camera Lomo FCP100RED Fisheye One Red

  • Compact camera with fisheye lens and built-in flash
Price: 89,00 BGN
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Code: 100050013
Price: 98,00 BGN
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Code: 100050025
Camera Lomo FCP200 Fisheye No. 2

  • Compact camera for 35mm movies with a fisheye lens with a 170 degree angle and fixed focus Opportunity for multiple exposure Long-lasting exposure possibility Built-in flash and socket for external flash Additional Fisheye viewfinder
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Price: 110,00 BGN
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Code: 100050014
Camera Lomo HP360 Spinner 360°

  • Supercompact camera for 360-degree panoramas of 35mm film Two sets of cloud and sunshade diaphragm Built-in level and mount for tripod mounts 8 panoramas in 36 frames
Price: 178,00 BGN
Code: 100050022
Camera Lomo HP550 Diana Mini with flash

  • Compact camera set with flash in retro-view 36 square frames or 72 halves in 35 mm film Two modes of exposure Unlimited and multiple exposures Capable shooting
Price: 178,00 BGN
Code: 100050026
Camera Lomo SP200DIY LA Sardina DIY

  • Did you want to create your own design on the camera? LOMO LA SARDINA DIY is right for you! Draw, write or paste whatever you want on it. The Lomo Fritz the Blitz has three power settings and comes with three color filters. 89 ° Angle Lens Range Multiple and Long Exposure Possibilities
Price: 198,00 BGN
Code: 100050035
Camera Lomo SP400CZ La Sardina Camera & Flash Czar

  • La Sardina Special Edition - Effective Gold and Blue Flash Lomo Fritz the Blitz with three power settings and color filters 89 ° Angle Lens Range Multiple and Extensive Exposure 35mm Film
Price: 298,00 BGN
Code: 100050038
Camera Leica MP Body

  • 100% mechanical film telemetry camera The battery is only needed for the operation of the built-in Leica M bayonet Manual focus and exposure Telemetric viewfinder with 0.72x magnification Darker frame view in lens viewer 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 90mm, 135mm
  • X-Sync: Up to 1/50 sec.
  • Weight: 600g
  • ISO: 6 to 6400 (manual)
  • Dimensions: 138 x 77 x 38mm
  • Compatibility: Leica M
Price: 8 999,00 BGN
Code: 100050011

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