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Camcorder Ricoh Theta SC2 for Business (SC2B)

Ricoh Theta SC2 for Business (SC2B)
Ricoh Theta SC2 for Business (SC2B) Ricoh Theta SC2 for Business (SC2B) Ricoh Theta SC2 for Business (SC2B) Ricoh Theta SC2 for Business (SC2B)
  • Capture 4K30 360 ° video
  • Capture 5376 x 2688 360 ° photos
  • Time Shift for easy removal of the still image from the frame
  • Room Mode HDR
  • New OLED display
  • Compact and easy to operate
  • Two lenses with a maximum aperture of f / 2
  • 14 GB internal memory
  • Built-in Wi-Fi control via smartphone
  • Dimensions: 13.1 x 4.5 x 2.3 cm
  • Weight: 104 grams
Price: 769,00 BGN


Ricoh Theta SC2 for Business (SC2B) is a 360 ° camera designed for business users who want to easily capture spherical 4K 360 ° video and 360-degree panoramas. Theta SC2 for Business is even easier to use than the standard version of Theta SC, thanks to the Time Shift function, which facilitates the removal of the cameraman from the frame and Room Mode - HDR mode, optimized for shooting rooms with a separate indicator light.

Working with the THETA and THETA + mobile apps is made even easier, and the camera is so compact that you can keep it in your pocket and use it at any time.

Time Shift technology and the self-timer combine shots taken sequentially at different times with one and the other lens in one image. This makes it possible to switch from the side of the lens that is not shooting to avoid the cameraman appearing in the frame.

The new built-in OLED display allows control of many of the functions, and the camera can be controlled via Bluetooth, as well as wireless image transfer via WLAN.

Ricoh Theta SC2 for Business offers new improved algorithms for chromatic aberration correction and contrast control, improved image quality and real-time panorama assembly, and more.

Unlike Theta SC2, SC2B does not have an automatic mode for face recognition and night photos.

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