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Softbox Dynaphos 20301 softbox 50x70 cm

Dynaphos 20301 softbox 50x70 cm
Dynaphos 20301 softbox 50x70 cm Dynaphos 20301 softbox 50x70 cm Dynaphos 20301 softbox 50x70 cm Dynaphos 20301 softbox 50x70 cm Dynaphos 20301 softbox 50x70 cm
  • Medium size softbox Bassinet: Dynaphos / Bowens S Grid position: No Depth: 35 cm Rex: 4 pcs Weight: 0.800 kg
Price: 74,00 BGN

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Medium size softboxes. It is especially suitable for portrait and subject photography. When positioned at the appropriate distance when illuminating a human figure in full height, it gives a relatively sharp drawing.
The softbox has two diffuse surfaces, with the possibility of using only the inner, the outer or the two together to achieve the corresponding effect. If necessary, it can also be used without diffuse surfaces to achieve more directional and sharper illumination.
The base of the softbox is solidly made of aluminum-magnesium alloy and allows positioning and fixing at different angles.

The Softbox is designed for Dynaphos Starter, Craftline, Expert, Speedster, Witstro, HD-600 studio flash units and more. with Dynaphos / Bowens S. bayonet joint
It can also be used with Elinchrom, Broncolor, Visatec, Multiblitz, Hensel, Profoto, Paul C. Buff, and other studio flash units when purchasing an optional adapter (base).
With a special adapter, it can be used with various brands and models of Canon 600EX, SB-900, Metz, Dynaphos Thinklite, Godox Ving, and more.

Dynaphos 20301 softbox 50x70 cm

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Price: 74,00 BGN

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