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Tripod Manfrotto MVMXPRO500 monopod

Manfrotto MVMXPRO500 monopod
Manfrotto MVMXPRO500 monopod Manfrotto MVMXPRO500 monopod Manfrotto MVMXPRO500 monopod Manfrotto MVMXPRO500 monopod
  • Manfrotto MVMXPRO500 is a 4-section aluminum aluminum monopod video with a professional fluid head and three-foot fluid base Provides extra support for long shooting as well as corner change through the fluid base The head (MVH500) is equipped with a counterweight system Specificity of the model is, that the horizontal rotation is done through the floating foot rather than through the head which does not have its own mechanism for panoramic movement
  • Weight endurance: 5 kg
  • Mass: 2.1 kg
  • Sections: 4
  • MAX height: 200 cm
  • MIN height: 78 cm
  • Material: aluminum
  • Type: Video monopod
Price: 639,00 BGN
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The Manfrotto MVMXPRO500 monopod is a compact and light 4-section aluminum model equipped with the Manfrotto MVMXPROBASE fluid base, allowing extremely smooth and precise 3D movements, and the professional fluid head (MVH500) with a counterweight system.

The monopod is extremely light, stable and easy to transport, thanks to its aluminum construction and compact dimensions. In the folded position, it reaches a length of 78 cm., and its weight is 2.1 kg.

D-shaped aluminum tubes in combination with Quick Power Lock (QPL) ensure maximum strength and stability and comfortable operation.

The MVMXPRO500 uses an MVH500AH head counterweight system to handle heavier equipment, such as interchangeable lens cameras, with a wider HDSLR support platform. The head is light and compact, but you can always count on it to carry up to an impressive 5 kg, combining strength with portability.

The smooth and precise movements provided by both the 500 head and the FLUIDTECH base make this kit the preferred choice of most videographers. The camera mounts quickly thanks to the side locking system and is extremely secure and reliable.

The MVMXPRO500 has one Easy Link 3/8" connector for mounting an external monitor or other accessories and comes with the Manfrotto 500PLONG plate.

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