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Flash Nikon SB-5000

Nikon SB-5000
Nikon SB-5000 Nikon SB-5000
  • Compatible with Nikon i-TTL Radio communication in addition to IR Wireless control of a total of 6 groups or 18 Speedlight flashes 30 m range of radio communication
  • Water. number: 34.5 m (at 35mm ISO 100)
  • Power: 4 x AA
  • Angle of coverage: (14) 24-200mm (FX)
Price: 1 149,00 BGN



Lighting up for any situation with the SB-5000 - our first Speedlight with radio control.
Fast, reliable and versatile, the SB-5000 offers unmatched outdoor and studio lighting quality. Radio signals allow you to operate up to 30 meters away and create sophisticated lighting settings with and without camera flash - you can now work in any environment where there is obstruction along the line of sight or the optical signal may be dimmed by the brightness the sun. The new built-in cooling system allows you to capture over 100 fast sequential shots at full flash power. And for photographers who can't afford to miss the highlight, the lightweight and compact SB-5000 has simplified controls for intuitive operation.

SPEEDLIGHT PROFESSIONAL FLASHLIGHT for unsurpassed illumination quality

Designed to meet the needs of outdoor and studio professionals, the SB-5000 is an i-TTL Speedlight flash compatible with D-SLR cameras in FX and DX formats. This Speedlight works as a hot-plug mount, as a remote control module or remote flash unit, and is part of Nikon's Creative Lighting system. This is the first Nikon Speedlight to offer wireless radio control, which eliminates the need for a direct line of sight between the main and subordinate flash and increases the reliability of shooting in bright sunlight. For situations requiring rapid sequential shooting, the new Nikon cooling system increases the number of sequential triggers and eliminates unnecessary interruptions. Other features include a 34.5 flagship and a wide FX format magnification range of 24-200mm (14mm with flash scatter panel). Optimized controls and menus ensure smooth operation, and the compact and lightweight design ensures comfortable operation in the camera. The three lighting methods offer full control over the flash coverage for specific shooting conditions. The built-in flash diffuser panel and reflection card plus the optional dome diffuser are combined with Nikon's optional color filters to further enhance your creativity.

Designed to overcome difficult shooting situations, the SB-5000 fully supports the new radio control feature of Nikon's Creative Lighting System. You can now illuminate with one or more flash settings using the SB-5000 and the WR-R10 wireless remote control. The SB-5000's ability to respond flexibly to distant lighting challenges allows you to create and manage just about any lighting layout, including complex multi-flash compositions. When combined with the WR-R10 wireless remote control, up to six SB-5000 flash combinations are supported. Optical control is also fully supported, which means that previous Speedlight models can continue to be used for various lighting layouts.


From the red carpet to the runway, the SB-5000 is designed to not overheat under load. To handle situations that require fast sequential shooting, the SB-5000 incorporates a new Nikon Speedlight Cooling System - the first in the world * with built-in temperature control for compact flash units. Fast and reliable, it achieves a whopping 120 shots at 5-second intervals or 84 shots at 3-second intervals. More than 100 consecutive shots can be taken at full flash power. The system suppresses the generation of heat in the flash head and thus prevents it from overheating: thermal protection has never been better before.
* As of September 1, 2015, the SB-5000 is equipped with the world's first integrated cooling system in compact flash type flash units.

NIKON SB-5000 Seamless integration with NIKON's well-known creative illumination system

At the heart of the SB-5000 is Nikon's i-TTL (intelligent lens metering) flash control, enabling Nikon's Speedlight to share important exposure information with CLS-compliant D-SLR cameras. The SB-5000 can be controlled by radio signals as part of a set-up with advanced wireless illumination control or in the traditional way using optical line-of-sight signals. Performance enhancements include unified flash control, which adds an extra level of control to the system. You can now operate the SB-5000 or change its settings from the camera menu or from a computer with Camera Control Pro 2 software installed when the flash is mounted on the body of the camera.


Lighter than the previous model and more intuitive to work with, the SB-5000's construction has been redesigned to make it more comfortable. You'll notice the difference as soon as you mount the SB-5000 to your camera or put it in your travel bag - its compact body weighs only 420 g. The simplified control panel allows for a large and legible information screen. The rotary multi selector and the "i" button provide quick access to commonly used or customized functions, for example the "i" button instantly displays a list of basic flash settings for single flash or advanced wireless lighting control. As with the previous model, the SB-5000's flash head tilts down to 7 ° and up to 90 ° and rotates horizontally 180 ° left and right.


Power source Four AA batteries (alkaline-manganese or rechargeable nickel-metal hydride), high-performance SD-9 battery pack
Number of lights 150 or more (alkaline batteries) / 190 or more (rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries)
Top number (ISO 100, m / ft) 34,5 / 113 (at 35 mm) / 55/180 (at 200 mm), FX format, standard illumination method
Ability to work with reflected flash The head of the flash tilts down to 7 ° and up to 90 ° and rotates horizontally 180 ° left and right
Other features Test firing, pre-flash controls, illumination to assist multi-point autofocus and pilot illumination
Minimum recharge time Approx. 2.6 sec (alkaline batteries) / approx. 1.8 sec (rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries)
Lighting to help AF Covers the focal length range 24 to 135 mm
Flash head position Covers the viewing angle of a 24mm to 200mm lens with 14mm lens (in FX format, standard illumination method)
Various flash functions Advanced wireless illumination control (AWL with radio control [main + 6 groups] / AWL with optical control [main + 3 groups]), several direct-remote wireless flash units (remote flash mode)
Dimensions (W × H × L) Approx. 73 × 137 × 103.5 mm
Flash mode i-TTL, Auto Aperture Flash, TTL Auto Flash, Distance Priority Flash, Manual Flash, Flash Pulse Sequence
Power of light 1/1 to 1/256 (1/3 steps, manual mode)
WEIGHT Approx. 420 g (body only)
Unified flash management Compatible
Shooting functions (set in the camera) Automatic FP high-speed sync, flash value lock, slow sync, red-eye reduction, rear-curtain sync, exposure compensation
Color filter External filter, automatic recognition available

Box contents

Nikon Sb-5000

Speedlight AS-22 light stand

Nikon SW-15H diffuser dome
Fluorescent Light Filter SZ-4FL
SZ-4TN incandescent light filter
SS-5000 Soft Case
Accessories bag

Nikon SB-5000

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