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Monolight Profoto 900755 Pro-B Head Plus + Disc Reflector

Profoto 900755 Pro-B Head Plus + Disc Reflector
  • Excellent performance. Robust and compact housing. Compatibility with the entire Light Shaping Tools range. The "Perfect Arc" impulse lamp guarantees a light with constant parameters and extended life. Active cooling for stable operation under heavy load. Safe use thanks to the reinforced glass lid. Profoto Disc Reflector or Profoto Zoom Reflector included.
  • Diameter / Depth: 10 cm / 22 cm
  • Magnum Reflector @ 8: f / 90.3
  • White Umbrella @ 7: f / 22.3
  • Zoom Reflector @ 4: f / 45.3
  • Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Protective glass: Yes
  • Power: 1 Ws -1200 Ws
  • Pilot lamp: 100 W
Price: 3 699,00 BGN


The Pro-B Head Plus is the standard head for Pro Series battery generators. It is similar to ProHead Plus, but does not require active cooling due to its weaker pilot lamp. The lack of cooling makes the head even more compact and light. The Pro-B Head Plus can use all the accessories in the Light Shaping Tools suite with a zoom function.

Box contents

Profoto 900755 Pro-B Head Plus + Disc Reflector

1 x Disc Reflector.
1 x Pulse Lamp - Quartz "Perfect Arc".
1 x Pilot lamp 100W (halogen lamp)
1 x Replaceable frosted glass
1 x Protective transport cap
1 x Tripod Adapter
1 x 4 m sarc-proof cable connector.