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DSLR camera Nikon D750

Nikon D750
Nikon D750 Nikon D750 Nikon D750 Nikon D750
  • 24.3MP (CMOS Bayer RGB)
  • Full-Frame (35.9x24mm) FX
  • FullHD (1920x1080) 60p
  • 51 points Phase AF
  • Nikon F compatibility
  • 6.5fps at 24.3MP
  • 1 / 4000s Max. speed
  • 1 / 200s X-speed
  • 2x SD / SDHC / SDXC
  • 100-12800 (50-51200) ISO
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The Nikon D750 is a full-frame DSLR camera that offers a 51-point AF system with a Multi-CAM 3500 FX II, 24.3 MP CMOS sensor, 6.5 fps burst shooting, built-in Wi Fi and a very light and weather-resistant design. The combination of the sensor and the image processor Expeed 4 enables the creation of high-resolution images with smooth color gradations, low noise and ISO 100-12800 sensitivity ( 50-51200 ). The camera supports Full HD 1080p video recording at 60fps, as well as the ability to record uncompressed video to an optional external recorder. The D750 also has a Time-lapse video capture feature, and compositing from any angle is possible with a tilting 3.2-inch LCD monitor. The Nikon D750 has two memory card slots that extend file storage capabilities.

24.3MP FX format sensor

Full details, complete freedom. The all-new sensor offers a wide dynamic range plus good performance with all image sensitivity for incredible sharpness and rich tones.


Impressive ISO values
Capture crisper, cleaner and better-defined images at high ISO values. The ISO range from 100 to 12,800 can be expanded to 50-51,200 (equivalent).

Professional performance of AF
Sensitive down to -3 EV and with Nikon Group Zone AF added, the D750 captures your target with incredible accuracy even when it's dark.

Exempted Exploring new heights with the Nikon D750

Sturdy tilting display
Capture photos and movies from unique perspectives. The screen has the ability to expand and tilt up to 90º and down to 75º.

Common digital imaging system

Get the most out of the D750's 24.3 megapixel sensor with the extensive NIKKOR range of lenses. With their extremely high resolution capabilities, NIKKOR lenses meet the requirements of photographers in every field. In addition, the D750 is fully compatible with the industry-leading Nikon Creative Lighting System and can be used in conjunction with the Speedlight Universal Flash range for creative shooting with built-in or external flash.

Capture fast-moving objects
with incredible flexibility. Capture uncompromised images at full resolution at 6.5 frames per second. in both FX and DX format.

NIKON D750 BODY Built-in Wi-Fi feature
Share your ideas. Upload impressive full-frame photos using a compatible smartphone or tablet. Just download the free Wireless Mobile Utility utility on your smart device.

Freedom to make movies

Record Full HD (1080p) movies at 50p / 60p. Ability to access ISO sensitivity from 100 to 51 200 (equivalent) when shooting a movie, as well as control shutter speed, aperture and sound levels. The special movie menu lets you store all your movie settings in one place.


Increases overall camera performance for exceptional results. Provides superior image transmission and ISO performance as well as high frame rates for movie shooting.

Picture Control 2.0

Takes full control of sharpness, contrast, brightness, hue, and saturation when taking photos and videos. Easy post-processing with "Equal" setting for maximum dynamic range, fine-tuning of details using "Clarity". You can adjust the settings visually while shooting and speed up the shooting process by saving the various movie and photo options in a special menu.

Color Adjustment Display: Adjust the color balance and brightness in each direction to suit your personal workflow preferences. The 8.0-inch (3.2-inch) RGBW LCD tilting screen with 1,229,000 dots allows for flexible and easy operation in all conditions.

Energy-saving construction:
shoot longer with a single charge. Shoot up to 1230 still images and videos² up to 55 minutes in length with a single charge of the EN-EL15 ultra-compact and lightweight rechargeable battery.
Full-frame portability: The excellent ergonomics combined with the lightweight monolithic body of the camera offer true freedom of full-frame shooting. The shape of the handle helps hold the camera firmly in place, regardless of the size of the hands, and provides comfortable holding of the camera for a long time so you do not feel tired.

NIKON D750 BODY Robust and durable
protected by a solid body for weather protection, the D750 is ready to handle any environment. The shutter block is made of a composite of Kevlar and carbon fiber and has been tested for 150,000 releases, and the solid monolithic body determines the lightweight and durable construction of the camera.
51-point Multi-CAM 3500DX AF System: Full-frame spectacular precision. Configurable with 9-point, 21-point and 51-point coverage settings; sensitivity is up to -3 EV (ISO 100, 20 ° C / 68 ° F). Offers quick lock and advanced "save by orientation". The 15 center-mounted cross-sensors are compatible with AF NIKKOR lenses with an aperture of f / 5.6 or faster, and the 11 center focal points operate with an aperture of f / 8.

Grouped Area AF:
Try enhanced object detection and tracking. Grouped area AF mode continuously monitors five different AF fields, offering better focus and isolation from the background when capturing relatively small objects near a high contrast or distracting background. The 5-point AF area can be moved to the 51-point matrix when required by the composition.

D-Movie Multiple Zones:
For movie shooting under different conditions, D-Movie offers high quality movie shooting in multiple frame formats. The D750 records Full HD movies (1080p) in FX and DX formats at 50p / 60p and noticeable noise reduction, moiré and "wrong color" effects. You can control the aperture electrically while recording, and the camera offers pure HDMI output, as well as record full-resolution videos on the camera and on an external recorder at the same time.

NIKON D750 BODY Freedom to shoot movies: Take
full control of your videos while shooting. You can configure the ISO sensitivity settings you want to work with in the full range of ISO 100 to ISO 51 200 (equivalent) or set the maximum automatic ISO sensitivity range of ISO 200 upwards when shooting in M. Additionally, 3D Nikon noise reduction reduces accidental noise, distortion and jitter when shooting movies at high sensitivity. Tagged mode lets you see on the camera's display where the high-lighted items have turned white.

High Accuracy Control:
Superior sound control enhances sound recording and offers greater overall versatility. The stereo microphone input and audio output allow you to fine-tune the sound levels, both before and during recording. You can select the sound range (broadband / voice) and reduce wind noise when recording with the built-in microphone.

Built-in Interval Capture:
Create a series of interval shots with smooth exposure transitions using simple menu operations. Shooting at a set interval can be used to activate the shutter at custom intervals. Use Interval Shooting to save images as movie files and watch slow motion through fast playback at playback speeds 24 to 36,000 times higher than usual.

Effect mode:
Have fun with a range of special effects or use scene modes for specific situations and locations. Special effects can be applied to both photos and movies and include Selective Color, Color Drawing, Thumbnail Effect and Night Vision. While shooting, you can see the effect you have selected and adjust its power.

NIKON D750 BODY Unlimited Continuous Shooting: Capture
countless images and take stunning light shots. Shoot in continuous shooting at shutter speeds of 4 seconds or slower and you can record as high-quality JPEG or RAW images as multimedia cards and battery life allow. Thanks to the extremely short time span between exposures, you can seamlessly merge stellar footage or taillights with third-party software to get a beautiful effect.

Remote control:
Facilitate workflow with the help of special accessories for professional wireless image management and transmission. Remotely release the camera shutter via a smart device using the built-in Wi-Fi feature and the special WMU application.¹ Use the WR-R10 wireless transmitter and the WR-T10 wireless transmitter to control the wireless shooting or control the camera settings with the WR wireless remote control -1. To connect to Ethernet and wireless LAN, use the optional UT-1 data transmitter together with the WT-5 wireless transmitter.

Wide Dynamic Range (HDR):
combines two shots from one shutter release to create detailed images in high-contrast scenes.

Storage Media:
Two SD card slots for easy shooting. Both card slots are compatible with SDXC and high capacity UHS-I cards.

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General features
Sensor FX, CMOS sensor 35.9 x 24.0 mm, 24.93 MP
Effective resolution 24.3 megapixels
Color 12- or 14-bit
Image format NEF (RAW): 12 or 14 bits, lossless or compressed. JPEG: JPEG-Baseline format compatible with good (approx. 1: 4), normal (approx. 1: 8), or basic (approx. 1: 16) compression (size priority); optimum quality compression is available. NEF (RAW) + JPEG: Single image saved in NEF (RAW) and JPEG formats
Resolution when recording images FX (36x24) viewfinder area: (L) 6016 x 4016, (M) 4512 x 3008, (S) 3008 x 2008. 1,2x (30x20) viewfinder area: (L) 5008 x 3336, (M) 3752 x 2504, (S) 2504 x 1664. DX (24x16) viewfinder image area: (L) 3936 x 2624, (M) 2944 x 1968, (S) 1968 x 1312. Photos with format FX taken with live-view movie: (L) 6016 x 3376, (M) 4512 x 2528, (S) 3008 x 1688. DX-format stills taken when shooting a movie in live view mode: (L) 3936 x 2224, (M) 2944 x 1664, (S) 1968 x 1112. Note: Pictures taken when shooting a live view movie, have a 16: 9 aspect ratio steam offers a choice of DX- and FX-based formats.
Video recording MOV, H.264 / MPEG-4, Linear PCM, 1920 x 1080; 60 p (sequential unfolding), 50 p, 30 p, 25 p, 24 p. 1280 x 720; 60 p, 50 p. The actual frame rates for 60 p, 50 p, 30 p, 25 p, and 24 p, respectively, are 59.94, 50, 29.97, 25, and 23.976 frames / sec; the options support both high and normal image quality
Bayonet Nikon F-mount
Increased focal length compared to 35mm standard 1x
Image stabilization Yes (with Nikon VR lenses)
Type Advanced Nikon Multi-CAM 3500 II auto-focus sensor module with TTL phase detection, fine-tuning, 51 focus points (including 15 cross-type sensors; f / 8 supported by 11 sensors) and AF assist beam (approx. 0.5-3 m / 1 foot and 8 inches - 9 feet and 10 inches)
Work modes Single point AF, 9, 21 or 51 point dynamic area AF, 3D tracking, Grouped area AF, Auto zone AF
Light sensitivity ISO 100-12800 in 1/3 or 1/2 EV increments. It can also be set to approx. 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 or 1 EV (ISO 50 equivalent) below ISO 100 or approx. 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 1 or 2 EV (ISO 51 200 equivalent) above ISO 12 800, has automatic ISO sensitivity control
Shutter type Focusing shutter with vertical stroke and electronic control
Shutter speed 1/4000 - 30 sec increments of 1/3 or 1/2 EV, bulb (continuous manual exposure while the shutter release is depressed), continuous manual exposure for a specified period of time, X200
Mirror lock Yes
Light meter Matrix: 3D Color Matrix Measurement III (lenses type G, E and D); Color Matrix Measurement III (other CPU lenses); non-CPU color matrix metering is available if the user provides lens data. Center Weighted: Gives approx. 75% of circle information with a diameter of 12 mm in the center of the frame. The circle diameter can be changed to 8, 15 or 20 mm, or the weight can be based on the average of the whole frame (non-CPU lenses use a 12 mm circle). Spot: Measures a 4mm circle (about 1.5% of the frame) centered on the selected focus point (at the center focus point when using a non-CPU lens). Weighing light sections: Available with G, E and D lenses; is equivalent to center-weighted when other lenses are used.
Exposure modes Automatic modes (automatic; automatic (flash off)); stage modes (portrait; landscape; children; sports; close-up; night portrait; night landscape; party / indoors; beach / snow; sunset; dusk / dawn; pet portrait; candle light; color; autumn colors; food ); special effects modes (night vision; color sketch; thumbnail effect; selective color; silhouette; high key; low key); mode with automatic flexible program (P); shutter priority automatic (S); automatic aperture priority (A); manual mode (M); U1 (user settings 1); U2 (Custom Settings 2)
White balance Automatic (2 types), incandescent, fluorescent (7 types), direct sunlight, flash, cloudy, shaded, custom (up to 6 values can be maintained, white spot measurement, available with live view), color temperature selection (2500 K to 10,000 K), all with fine-tuning.
Built-in flash Yes
Effective flash range Approx. 12/39, 12/39 with manual flash (m / ft, ISO 100, 20˚C / 68˚F)
Contact for external flash Standard ISO 518 hot plug with sync, data contacts and security lock
Controls the external flash TTL: i-TTL flash control via an RGB sensor of approximately 91,000 pixels comes with a built-in flash; i-TTL balanced fill flash for digital SLR is used for matrix and center weighted and light weighted measurement, the standard i-TTL flash is for digital SLR with spot measurement
Maximum external flash sync speed (X-sync) X = 1/200 sec; Shuts shutter at 1/250 sec or slower (flash range decreases at speeds between 1/200 and 1/250 sec)
Display 8 inches (3.2 inches) diagonal. TFT LCD tilting display made of low temperature polycrystalline silicon with approx. 170 °, approx. 100% frame coverage and brightness and angle adjustment Approx. 1,229,000 dots (VGA; 640 x RGBW x 480 = 1,228,800 dots)
Serial pictures Approx. 6fps, 1-6fps (CL), 6.5fps (CH), or 3fps (Qc)
Self-timer 2 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, 20 sec; 1-9 exposures at intervals of 0.5, 1, 2 or 3 sec
Shoot at a set interval Yes
Interfaces High speed USB, NTSC video output, PAL, HDMI connector Type C with mini-outlets, Stereo mini jack (3.5 mm diameter); Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) communication protocols IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, Audio output: Stereo mini jack (3.5 mm diameter), Wireless remote controls: WR-1, WR-R10 (available separately). Remote Control Cable: MC-DC2 (available separately). GPS unit: GP-1 / GP-1A (available separately)
Internal memory None
Compatible storage media SD, SDHC (UHS-I compliant), SDXC (UHS-I compliant), Slot 2 can be used for overflow, for backups, or for separate backup of NEF + JPEG backups; photos can be copied from one card to another.
Battery EN-EL15
Electrical adapter Power adapter EH-5b; requires power connector EP-5B (available separately)
Remote control WR-R10 (WR-A10 Adapter) or WR-1, ML-L3
Dimensions Approx. 140.5 x 113 x 78 mm
WEIGHT Approx. 840 g (1 lb. and 13.7 ounces) with battery and memory card, but without camera body cap; approx. 750 g (1 lb and 10.5 ounces; camera body only)
Viewfinder Mirror-reflex eyepiece with pentaprism, FX (36x24): Approx. 100% horizontal and 100% vertical. DX (24x16): Approx. 97% horizontal and 97% vertical
View depth of field Yes
Languages English, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Vietnamese, Greek, Danish, Indonesian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Marathi, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (European) and Portuguese Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Thai, Tamil, Telugu, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Finnish, French, Hindi, Czech, Swedish, Japanese
Play Full-frame or thumbnail playback (4, 9, or 72 images or calendar) with zoom in, movie playback, photo and / or movie slideshows, histogram display, most interesting, photo information, display location data and automatically rotate images

Box contents

Nikon D750

EN-EL15 Lithium-Ion Battery (1900mAh)
Charger device MH-25A
UC-E17 USB cable
AN-DC14 Neck Strap Strap
Protective Cap BF-1B Body Cap
DK-5 Eyepiece Shield Viewfinder Cap
DK-21 Rubber Eyecup Viewfinder Cup

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