Calibrator X-Rite ColorMunki Photo

X-Rite ColorMunki Photo
X-Rite ColorMunki Photo X-Rite ColorMunki Photo
  • X-Rite ColorMunki ™ Photo is a spectrophotometer, a combined instrument that can help you perform three different types of calibration operations that typically require three different devices: calibration of LCD monitors and projectors; color profiling of RGB / CMYK printers; scanning spot colors in RGB, CMYK and CIELAB formats.
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ColorMunki ™ Photo is specifically designed for professional photographers: landscape painters, portrait painters, advertising and / or wedding photographers, as well as for closed-loop enthusiast enthusiasts - from digital to digital or electronic. With this one-size-fits-all instrument, you can calibrate your digital camera, desktop / laptop, and printer to capture, process, and print the right colors. Also, if you use more than one camera for capture, you can match the color reproduction between the different cameras.

If you print images on different types of paper, ColorMunki ™ Photo allows you to generate color profiles for each of them using the most economical consumables: only 2 pages with a total of 100 color elements. You can optimize the results to reproduce specific colors, skin tones, black and white, etc.

If you want to submit your portfolio electronically, the supplied DigitalPouch software generates a special archive that contains the files plus a viewer that uses the ViewSafe ™ color management system to allow your client to see the same colors you achieved when capturing and processing images.

If you like a particular color and want to use it in your graphic design, or need to work to a client's specification without knowing the values of the colors you choose, you can use ColorMunki ™ Photo to scan the color and extract its value in L * a * b format for future reference. The device can scan spot colors from virtually any opaque surface - including ceramics, textiles and metal.

Like other X-Rite color calibration products, ColorMunki ™ Photo uses fast, easy-to-use wizard mode calibration / profiling software. Basic and Advanced modes are available, in basic mode the program automatically performs the necessary calibration procedures, and in advanced mode you can choose the brightness and contrast, white point and range.
We can't offer you this product at the moment. - View other similar products

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