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Battery grip Olympus HLD-6 Battery Grip

Olympus HLD-6 Battery Grip
  • Unique two-part flu shot for landscapes and portraits Additional vertical release button and control discs Ergonomic design for secure grip and more stability Holds one extra BLN-1 battery (for HLD-6P) Dust and water spray protection Tripod receptacle Main and optional control disc Two Fn buttons (programmable separately from the Fn buttons on the body)
Price: 499,00 BGN


Most notable with this auxiliary battery flu is the innovative design, which consists of two different parts for landscape (HLD-6G) and portrait (HLD-6P) shots.
Put only the HLD-6G on your camera and bigger flu will give you a much better grip. With the addition of the lower HLD-6 (HLD-6P), even the difficult portrait shots will be easy to shoot thanks to the extra control dials and buttons.
The lower flu also includes an extra shooting shutter for more convenience and better speed when the camera is turned upright, as well as two control dials to easily and quickly adjust the settings in that position of the camera. Both parts are ergonomically designed for a comfortable, secure grip that significantly improves the overall stability of the camera in the hand, while the lock button prevents buttons from being accidentally pressed. An additional battery (not included in the box) may be inserted into the lower flu to give you longer shooting time.

Olympus HLD-6 Battery Grip

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