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Case Peli™ Case 1620 with foam (black)

Peli™ Case 1620 with foam (black)
Peli™ Case 1620 with foam (black) Peli™ Case 1620 with foam (black) Peli™ Case 1620 with foam (black) Peli™ Case 1620 with foam (black)
  • Waterproof, shockproof and dustproof suitcase
  • Double lock
  • Automatic pressure equalization valve
  • Rubberized edges for better sealing
  • Steel fasteners
  • Configurable foam and protective foam on the lid
  • Unconditional guarantee
  • Internal dimensions: 54.3 x 41.4 x 31.9 cm
Price: 999,00 BGN


The Peli Case 1620 suitcase is tough, impact-resistant, waterproof, dust- and chemical-resistant and corrosion-tested and allows reliable protection and comfort when transporting your equipment and equipment.

The innovative locks open extremely easily, but remain firmly closed under impact or stress. Reinforced holes allow the addition of a standard-sized padlock, and an automatic valve regulates internal pressure. A patented waterproof seal provides reliable protection against water ingress.

3 folding handles, one retractable handle and wheels allow for convenient transportation.

Peli is made of ultra-high quality polypropylene and offers high durability in extreme conditions, dust and water. It has a movable and easy-to-release handle, sturdy wheels and "two-stage locks". Pelly ™ is a patented O-ring sealing and sealing system, an automatic valve that ensures that the air pressure inside the case will automatically offset when the altitude rises height. Your equipment can fit in a high density foam case Temperature range for Peli operation from -22C to +99 C.

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