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Lighting Aputure Amaran Pixel PT1c RGBWW

Aputure Amaran Pixel PT1c RGBWW
Aputure Amaran Pixel PT1c RGBWW Aputure Amaran Pixel PT1c RGBWW Aputure Amaran Pixel PT1c RGBWW Aputure Amaran Pixel PT1c RGBWW Aputure Amaran Pixel PT1c RGBWW
Aputure Amaran Pixel PT1c RGBWW
  • RGBWW LED Pixel light tube
  • Color temperature: 2700K to 10000K
  • Full green/magenta setting
  • 4 independently controlled light zones
  • Display
  • Built-in Li-Ion 9.6 Wh 18650 battery
  • Charging time: 110 min
  • Remote control with app. Sidus Link
  • 7 Pixel Based effects + 9 system effects
  • CRI/TLCI: 95/98
  • Wireless working range: 80 m
  • Size: φ42 x 300mm
  • Weight: 315 g
Price: 329,00 BGN


The Aputure Amaran Pixel PT1c light is a next-generation LED tube with pixel-based effects for studio-quality lighting.

To meet all kinds of requirements, complement ambient lighting or other lighting fixtures or add impressive effects, this LED light offers a color temperature range from 2700 to 10000K, green to magenta adjustment, easy installation with many options, built-in battery and the ability for remote control.

The new generation of pixel LED tubes Aputure Amaran Pixel PT1c offer 7 pixel-based effects ( color fade, color cycle, chasing one pixel, two pixels or three pixels, rainbow, fire pixel), which complement the standard for this model Fireworks, Fire , Paparazzi, Faulty light bulb, TV, Pulsating, Police car, Flash, Party lights.

The versatile options, extended color temperature range, fine control and average CRI/TLCI of 95/98 combined with the body with 180º rotating plastic end caps with built-in magnets for adjustable positioning and the built-in battery life of up to 70 minutes at full power make the model a good choice for professional use as well.

Power: 8 W

Photometry :

2700K: 0.5m - 325 lux/30 fc; 1m - 87 lux/8 fc;
3200K: 0.5m - 331 lux/31 fc; 1m - 88 lux/8 fc;
4300K: 0.5m - 342 lux/32 fc; 1m - 91 lux/8 fc;
5600K: 0.5m - 359 lux/33 fc; 1m - 95 lux/9 fc;
6500K: 0.5m - 355 lux/33 fc; 1m - 94 lux/9 fc;
7500K: 0.5m - 339 lux/31 fc; 1m - 89 lux/8 fc;
10000K: 0.5m - 313 lux/29 fc; 1m - 83 lux/8 fc;
Red: 0.5m - 240 lux/22 fc; 1m - 64 lux/6 fc;
Green: 0.5m - 337 lux/31 fc; 1m - 92 lux/9 fc;
Blue: 0.5m - 74 lux/7 fc; 1m - 20 lux/2 fc;

Aputure Amaran Pixel PT1c RGBWW

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Price: 329,00 BGN

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