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Lens Vazen FF Anamorphic 50mm T/2.1 1.8X Blue Flare (PL/EF)

FF Anamorphic 50mm T/2.1 1.8X Blue Flare (PL/EF)
  • Lens Type: Светлосилен, стандартен, анаморфен обектив
  • Compatibility (Lens Mount): PL/Canon EF
  • Focal Length (35mm Equivalent): 50mm
  • Maximum Aperture: T/2.1
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 1.1m
  • Filter Diameter: 86mm
  • Dimensions: Дължина: 13.3 cm
  • Weight: 1.55 kg
  • Others: Сменяем байонет, 1.8x Анаморфно компресиране, маркировки във футове и инчове, син отблясък
Price: 19 499,00 BGN


The Vazen FF Anamorphic 50mm T/2.1 1.8X Blue Flare lens is a compact anamorphic lens suitable for large-format cinema with full-frame sensor coverage (up to ARRI ALEXA LF 8K open gate) for PL and Canon EF mounts. It stands out for its relatively compact size, nice oval bokeh and recognizable blue horizontal flare.

1.8x anamorphic distortion provides 2.39:1 aspect ratio video for a cinematic experience, and T2.1 brightness ensures low-light performance.

Vazen FF Anamorphic 50mm T/2.1 1.8X Blue Flare features a compact and lightweight design. At 1.55 kg and 13.3 cm long, it is one of the world's smallest 1.8x anamorphic lenses for full-frame cameras. The small size and weight can be useful when balancing a gimbal or platform. The entire body is constructed from aluminum, and standard 0.8 MOD gears for focus and iris control ensure seamless compatibility.

The position of the focus ring allows easy and quick lens changes directly on set.

The Vazen FF Anamorphic 50mm T/2.1 1.8X Blue Flare features focal markings in feet and inches, a standard 95mm front diameter for matte box mounting and an 86mm filter thread, and the interchangeable mount (PL and EF) allows for use with a wide range of cameras.

However, some cameras are not compatible with this lens. You can see them in the list below.

Incompatible models with Vazen FF Anamorphic 50mm T/2.1 1.8X Blue Flare:
all DSLR cameras
all RED cameras
all Z CAM cameras
Canon EOS C100
Panasonic VariCam LT
Canon EF-EOS R Control Ring Mount Adapter
Canon EF-EOS R Mount adapter
all Metabones EF to Micro 4/3 adapter
all adapters with built-in optics


General features
Filter Thread86 mm
Aperture MaxT2.1
Aperture MinT16
Image StabilizationНе
Minimum Focus Distance1.1 m
SizeДължина: 13.3 cm
Weight1.55 kg

Box contents

Vazen Ff Anamorphic 50Mm T/2.1 1.8X Blue Flare (Pl/ef)

Front cap
Rear cap
PL Bayonet
EF bayonet
set of pads

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