Recorder Olympus DS-5000 ID

Olympus DS-5000 ID
  • Microphone jack 3.5 ø mm mini jack, 2 kΩ High Definition display microSD / microSDHC card
  • Record (HI): 38 h 45 min (including 512 MB internal microSD card)
  • Stero / Mono record: Stereo
  • Format (REC / PLAY): DSS Pro
  • Frequency range: 200 - 7000 Hz
  • Memory: 512 GB
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Flexibility to the extreme
The DS-5000 is designed to meet the professional needs of dictation and is part of an overall Olympus solution including a voice recorder, transcription kit and management software. Regardless of the situation, this top notch recorder covers all the basic needs of the whole process. With its luxurious black matt metallic body, it exudes elegance and not only looks perfect, it works perfectly.

No matter how different work you have to do, the DS-5000 can handle it. Up to seven folders of 199 each are allowed to organize records. To identify important moments later, users can set up to 32 tags during recording. In addition, the same number of voice memos can be added to each file - allowing users to add special notes or ideas to parts of the recording. The convenient voice comment feature additionally allows you to formulate notes on any file that can, for example, be used to provide typing instruction.

Voices can be recorded in two modes of different quality, including the new ultra-pure QP mode, achieving the optimum balance of quantity and quality.

For easy access to most commonly used features, three easy-to-access buttons are defined. Support for SD and microSD memory cards means flexible data storage, which can be increased at any time.

The high-speed USB interface is compatible with USB storage, audio and HID classes, which extends possible use. In addition, the DS-5000 also provides a full-duplex microphone and speaker. Centralized software and firmware updates are also possible with this model.

The DS-5000 will be on the crest of the wave for a long time, with a special input-output interface provided, which allows the inclusion of additional modules.

In addition, DSS Player Pro Dictation software module is a powerful dictation tool. It allows users to flexibly accelerate their workflow in a variety of computing environments. The software supports many formats, including DSS Pro, DSS, WMA and WAV. Moreover, an MP3 decoder is also provided. DSS Player Pro updates itself, giving users the most up-to-date solution for optimal performance.

High security for more peace of mind
Business users often discuss issues that may be too confidential, or at least not intended for all ears. That is why the DS-5000 has many security-related features to help protect files from unauthorized playback and copying. For beginners, this model allows you to encrypt and decrypt files. Users can also set a password for the device. The special DS-5000iD model even allows protection using biometric information. This provides maximum security.

Simplicity in action
Where the powerful DS-5000 works, it's easy to work with. The menu items are intuitive and allow the user to focus on the business. A single slider is used to select common features. The additional navigation buttons are located in the center of the device to provide easy data entry and access to settings. Allowing all information to be viewed in six languages, this model also has a large, backlit display that is protected by a high-quality screen with special coverage.

Reliable companion at all times
A business tool is nothing if not reliable. That's why Olympus has worked hard to provide the DS-5000 with extremely reliable performance. Its metal body protects it from the bumps and jolts of everyday life. The slider is mounted on rubber rollers and is virtually silent and suitable for continuous operation. The .USB connector and battery are specifically designed for harsh environments. And if necessary, the recorder can only be inserted and removed from the docking station with one hand. In addition, thanks to its extremely low power consumption, the DS-5000 continues to operate, long after everyone else has given up.

Box contents

Olympus Ds-5000 Id

DSS Player Pro R5 dictation module
DSS Player for MAC
SD card (2 GB)
microSD card (512 MB)
A-515 AC Power Adapter
CR-10 Docking Station
BR-403 NI-MH Battery Kit
KP-21 USB cable
Quick start guide
Instructions for use

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