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Lens Nikon NIKKOR Z 24mm F/1.8S

Nikon NIKKOR Z 24mm F/1.8S
Nikon NIKKOR Z 24mm F/1.8S Nikon NIKKOR Z 24mm F/1.8S Nikon NIKKOR Z 24mm F/1.8S Nikon NIKKOR Z 24mm F/1.8S Nikon NIKKOR Z 24mm F/1.8S
Nikon NIKKOR Z 24mm F/1.8S
  • Lens Type: Wide angle
  • Compatibility (Lens Mount): Nikon Z
  • Focal Length (35mm Equivalent): 24 mm
  • Maximum Aperture: 1
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 25 cm
  • Macro: 0.15x
  • Filter Diameter: 72 mm
  • Dimensions: 78 x 96.5 mm
  • Weight: 450 g
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The NIKKOR Z 24mm f / 1.8 S is a fixed-beam wide-angle lens with a fixed focal length that is suitable for a wide range of photographic tasks - landscape, architecture, reportage.

The advanced optical circuit contains aspherical elements and extremely low dispersion levels that provide detailed, sharp and well-corrected images. Nano Crystal and Super Integrated Coating (NSIC) prevent unwanted glare for more accurate color rendering and better contrast.

The Nikon Z 24mm f / 1.8's wet and dustproof housing makes it suitable for use in adverse conditions, and the two-step autofocus motors provide fast, quiet autofocus with constant manual tuning capability. In addition, the lens is also equipped with a ring to control various camera settings.


Shoot everywhere with a lens that is equally good for tight spaces, cityscapes and immense nature. With extreme edge-to-edge sharpness and great low-light features, this lens reveals the details that make history. Its exceptional optical performance will overwhelm you with the f / 1.8 wide-angle lens capabilities.

True depth
The bokeh looks natural and beautiful and blends seamlessly into the edges of the frame. Highly illuminated elements appear as beautiful dots. You can achieve great results even if you reduce the size of the diaphragm.


Incredible close-up
With a minimum focusing distance of just 0.25m, you can control close-up shots to infinity. Sharpness is exceptional even when focusing close-ups or details of objects.

Exceptional detail
Regardless of the surroundings, Nikon's anti-reflective nanocrystalline coating reduces glare to produce clearer images. Even spot light sources reproduce with beautiful detail.



General features
Viewfinder Magnification1
Filter Thread1
Aperture Max1
Aperture Min1
Image Stabilization1
Minimum Focus Distance1
Optical Design1
Angle of View1
Diaphragm Blades1

Box contents

Nikon Nikkor Z 24Mm F/1.8S

LC-72B 72mm Snap-On Front cap
LF-N1 Back cap
HB-88 Sunshade
CL-C1 Case

Nikon NIKKOR Z 24mm F/1.8S

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