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Accessory B.I.G. 486010 Color table 14x19 + CD

B.I.G. 486010 Color table 14x19 + CD
  • Color table
  • Size: 14x19 cm
Price: 69,00 BGN

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Color chart for testing and calibrating TFT, LCD and CRT monitors specially adapted to the requirements of digital photography.
Contains a carefully selected set of 12 natural colors that are found in everyday life (tree leaves, flowers, human skin), 6 precision formulated carriages with basic colors (R, G, B, C, M and Y) and 6 carriages with a smooth grayscale. The surface of the standard reflects light in the same way as normal objects in nature.
Using the color table and the free DNG Camera Editor tool from Adobe, you can manually create an ICC profile of your digital camera.
While processing your images from a digital camera or scanner, you can make any necessary color adjustments so that the captured copy of the color reference reaches the same color values as the original. This process is technically accurate and independent of the precision of the work monitor, since you work on digital color values, not visually. This way you can reproduce the colors of the subject as accurately as possible.
When compared directly, deviations can be easily determined and corrected in monitor settings.

B.I.G. 486010 Color table 14x19 + CD

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Price: 69,00 BGN