Flash Olympus FL-900R

Olympus FL-900R
Olympus FL-900R Olympus FL-900R Olympus FL-900R Olympus FL-900R
  • Flash Compatibility: Olympus TTL
  • Zoom Head: 24mm - 200mm (at 35mm)
  • Guide No. (m @ ISO 100): 58
  • Power: 4 x AA batteries
  • Others: LED lighting for video; Resistant to dust, splashes and frost
Price: 799,00 BGN


The Olympus FL-900R is a high performance dust, spray and freeze (-10 C) flash in a compact and lightweight body designed specifically for use with micro 4/3 cameras. When combined with any OM-D series cameras and M.ZUIKO PRO lenses, you should not worry about difficult shooting.

This flash flagship has a maximum number of 58, and the combination of the built-in image processor (TruePic) and TTL sync technology ensures optimum illumination during still images.

The flash offers a large zoom range of 12 to 100mm focal length (24-200mm, equated to 35mm standard). With its built-in diffuser, it can adequately cover lenses with a focal length of 7-10mm (14-20mm, equated to 35mm standard). The head can be rotated from -7 to 90 ° vertically and 180 ° horizontally.

Recharge time for flash with NiMH batteries at 1: 1 power: 2.5 sec.

The flash has wireless mode, and you can control up to 4 groups of high-intensity flash photography by selecting which group to light and which to not, offset the output light and adjust the settings.

Another feature is the slave function, by which you can simply attach a flash to the camera's external flash socket and use it as a command prompt.

Of course, unique to Olympus High Res. Shot, Focus Stacking, Focus Bracketing are also supported and now have a shorter shooting time than before!

The FL-900R has LED video lighting that is effective for shooting in low light or backlight. Ideal for lenses with a focal length of 12 mm (24 mm *) or more.

Box contents

Olympus Fl-900R

Diffuser Dome
IR filter
FS-FLST1 stand

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