Audio recorder Zoom F1-SP Shotgun Mic Pack

Zoom F1-SP Shotgun Mic Pack
Zoom F1-SP Shotgun Mic Pack Zoom F1-SP Shotgun Mic Pack Zoom F1-SP Shotgun Mic Pack
Zoom F1-SP Shotgun Mic Pack
  • Pocket 2 channel audio recorder
  • Includes SGH-6 directional microphone
  • Includes SMF-1 Shockmount camera mount
  • 1/8 "Stereo Mick / Line Input
  • 24-bit / 96kHz audio, WAV and MP3
  • Built-in Limiter and Auto-Level Control
  • Up to 32GB on a microSD or microSDHC card
  • 2 x AAA batteries
  • Up to 10 hours recording with one battery charge
  • Includes: Windshield and 3.5mm audio cable
  • Variants:
  • Zoom F1-LP Lavalier Mic Pack
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Zoom F1-SP Shotgun Mic Pack is the best solution for run & gun videographers who want quality audio for their productions.

The set includes an SGH-6 directional microphone that captures professional-quality audio and an F1 audio recorder that records at high resolution up to 24 bits / 96 kHz and delivers impactful audio for any video in WAV and MP3 formats. With the F1 tone generator and F1 sound markers, you can easily and quickly synchronize the audio with the video, and the built-in limiter and auto-level control keep the levels normal when peak audio levels occur. The Zoom F1 can be powered by two AAA batteries or an optional adapter. Via USB, you transfer tracks to your PC in Card Reader mode or record directly to a PC or iPad / iPhone using the USB audio interface mode.

Monitor sound levels, battery life, lo-cut settings with the new F1 audio recorder monochrome display, providing visibility even in bright sunlight. Shortcuts to the main features of the recorder give you easy control and hassle-free operation.


The SMF-1 Shock mount is designed to eliminate unwanted loud noises caused by vibration while shooting on the move.


Connect the F1 and Shotgun microphone to the shock mount and attach it to your camera. Then connect the audio output of the F1 to the input of your camera using the included 3.5mm Stereo cable and record. While recording in your camera, the F1 records onto a micro SD card, providing an additional stereo audio file to assist you with post production.


The F1 audio recorder is compatible with all Zoom removable microphones, providing more recording capabilities

Box contents

Zoom F1-Sp Shotgun Mic Pack

F1 Recorder
SGH-6 Directional Microphone
WSS-6 Windshield
SMC-1 Stereo Cable for DSLR
SMF-1 Shock mount
2 AAA Batteries

Zoom F1-SP Shotgun Mic Pack

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