Tripod Benro Mach3 (TMA28A) aluminum base

Benro Mach3 (TMA28A) aluminum base
Benro Mach3 (TMA28A) aluminum base Benro Mach3 (TMA28A) aluminum base Benro Mach3 (TMA28A) aluminum base Benro Mach3 (TMA28A) aluminum base
  • Short column included Yes Collapsible length 52.5 cm Maximum section diameter 2.9 cm Maximum height (with column removed) 155.5 cm Maximum load capacity 12 kg Material Aluminum and magnesium Minimum section diameter 1.85 cm Minimum height 31.5 cm Normal height 135.5 cm Seam section Sections Sections 4 Weight 1.76 kg Horizontal central column No Bag Yes Dissolution angle 24 to 80 degrees Size 72x12x12 cm
Price: 339,00 BGN


TMA28A is part of Benro's latest generation of tripods - the Mach 3 series! Made of aluminum and magnesium, the tripod includes many options such as a developing leg and can be used as a monopod (after turning and the center column of the monopod becomes about 180cm high), an additional short shooting column from a low point of view, a rubberized ring-pad under the platform for mounting the head and the possibility of changing the rubber feet with metal spikes when using slippery surfaces. Extremely light, the tripod is suitable for all kinds of photography. Opening the legs at 3 different angles allows the tripod to be placed in an extremely low position, which, in combination with the short column, allows shooting from a low angle. The sections are tightened by means of collets that also prevent dust and small debris from entering between the tripod sections. Complete with a comfortable shoulder bag.

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