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Microscope Nikon Fieldmicroscope

Nikon Fieldmicroscope
  • Nikon Fieldmicroscope is a portable, optical, stereoscopic microscope with a built-in lighting system and is suitable for serious scientific research. The lighting system allows you to observe microscopic living organisms in dark places, for example in the forest, or in dark weather and other conditions where light is scarce. It provides a 20-fold increase.
  • Vertical correction: 50 mm from the base of the table
  • Adjusting the distance between the eyes: 56-72 mm
  • Slide: Removable, double-sided (top: flat, bottom: built-in cup)
  • Weight: Approx. 610
  • Field of view: 11 mm diameter
  • Optical system: Umbilical, non-invisible image, individually adjustable diopter on the right eye-eyepiece
  • Increase: 20x (fixed)
Price: 1 199,00 BGN
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