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Instant Camera Lomo LI100LUX Instant Sanremo

Lomo LI100LUX Instant Sanremo
Lomo LI100LUX Instant Sanremo Lomo LI100LUX Instant Sanremo Lomo LI100LUX Instant Sanremo Lomo LI100LUX Instant Sanremo Lomo LI100LUX Instant Sanremo
  • Compatible with Fuji Instax Mini Flash Film Focusing Distance 48 mm (27 mm equivalent) Fingerprint: f8, f11, f16, f22, f32 Optical Viewfinder Automatic, Long and Multiple Exposure Built-in flash with three modes Requires 4 AAA batteries The set includes color gel filters
  • Batteries: 4x AAA
  • Lens: 48mm (27mm equivalent)
  • Image size: 42 mm x 64 mm (image size)
  • Shutter speed: 1 / 125s / Bulb
  • Focus: 0.4m - 0.9m, 1m - infinity
  • Variants:
  • Lomo LI100B Instant Black
  • Lomo LI100W Instant White
  • Lomo LI100SL19 Instant Song's Palette Edition
Price: 219,00 BGN


The Lomo LI100LUX Instant Sanremo Instant Camera brings you sunny vibes straight from the Mediterranean coast. Dressed in cappuccino hues, the caramel brown faux leather body and sparkling cream detailing exude retro sophistication and classic Riviera style. Inspired by Italy's city of flowers, famous for its song festival, this instant camera is the perfect companion for your next coastal city adventure.

The Lomo LI100LUX is ready to capture the perfect moment, in an instant. With three shooting modes – one automatic flash and two manual – you can easily capture the magic as it happens, no matter where you are or what you're doing. Extremely easy to use, just leave the camera on automatic for a completely hassle-free experience, or take advantage of the manual controls and exposure compensation settings when you want to experiment.

Cool and adaptable, the Lomo'Instant Camera boasts a highly sophisticated lens system with three great attachments – fish-eye, portrait and close-up – just grab the Lomo'Instant Lens Combo and screw on the lens attachments for endless unique moments.

Lomo LI100LUX Instant Sanremo combines reliable results with a whole heap of creative freedom. Create long and repeated exposures with ease, place a color gel filter on your flash for rainbow-colored rendering, master the ultimate selfie with remote shutter control, or use dedicated lens attachments for truly exceptional images. Best of all, Lomography instant cameras use Fujifilm Instax photo film – affordable and easy to buy no matter where you are in the world – so you can take these magical little memory makers with you on any adventure, near or away.

Box contents

Lomo Li100Lux Instant Sanremo

Front cap
Color gel filters

Lomo LI100LUX Instant Sanremo

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Price: 219,00 BGN

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