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Lens Zeiss CP.3 100mm T / 2.1 Compact Prime - PL

Zeiss CP.3 100mm T / 2.1 Compact Prime - PL
  • Full-Frame Cinema telephoto lens 14 apertured aperture diaphragm 300 ° rotating the focus ring
  • Weight: 1 010 g
  • Min. Distance (macro): 0.7 m
  • Filter thread: 95 mm
  • Compatibility: Arri PL (removable)
  • Fock. distance (equivalent to 35mm film): 100 mm
Price: 10 099,00 BGN


The Zeiss CP.3 100mm T/2.1 Compact Prime lens is a rigid telephoto lens for cinema and video designed for use with mirrorless cameras with full-frame sensors.

All lenses in the series share the same front diameter, gear ring arrangement and mechanical construction. Due to their identical characteristics, one lens can easily be exchanged for another, even when additional accessories are included.

Another feature of the lenses in this series is the interchangeable mounts. If you wish to mount your CP.3 lens to another camera, this can be done quickly and easily.

An anti-reflective coating prevents glare for increased contrast and color rendering, and the improved ergonomic design with reduced dimensions and even weight distribution ensures comfortable use of the lens in all situations.


General features
Filter Thread 95 mm
Aperture Max T2.1
Aperture Min T22
Minimum Focus Distance 70 cm
Diaphragm Blades 15
Size 126.5 mm
Weight 1.01 kg

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