Camcorder Panasonic HC-W580 dual camera

Panasonic HC-W580 dual camera
Panasonic HC-W580 dual camera Panasonic HC-W580 dual camera Panasonic HC-W580 dual camera Panasonic HC-W580 dual camera
  • Full HD (1920x1080 / 50p) video recording
  • 50x wholesale. zoom (28-1740mm eq.) f / 1.8-4.2
  • 2.2 MP 1 / 5.8 "BSI MOS sensor
  • AVCHD; MP4; iFrame video formats
  • 3.0 "(460 800 tonnes) LCD touch screen
  • SDXC memory slot
  • Panasonic VW-VBT190 battery included
  • Second camera
  • Wireless Multi-Camera Video Recording
Price: 739,00 BGN


Add unique touches to your video

This model includes a rotating secondary camera that allows two angles to be shot simultaneously. For example, you can capture the whole family and take selfies, or shoot with a telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens at the same time. The backup function saves a picture-in-picture image and an image from the main camera without a window from the secondary camera for archiving. The secondary camera image is saved in one of the many secondary windows, and their position can be changed by touch.

28mm wide angle

Take group shots with ease. Get more people and more of the background in the frame - the 28mm Wide Angle Lens (equivalent to 35mm camera) feature makes this possible. This is especially useful when you want to take a group shot in a small room. It picks up objects even when you take close-up shots and makes it possible to capture extremely quiet sounds with the built-in microphone of your camcorder.

Wireless multi camera

Add more emotion to your videos. Enjoy a new shooting style that lets you add even more emotion to your movies. Using Wi-Fi, you can connect up to three smartphones and use two of them simultaneously for secondary cameras. These images from the secondary window are interchangeable and the positions in which they are displayed may be interchanged. This allows you to shoot from multiple angles and points of view, to capture a higher level of emotional impact.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) movie

Create clear frames with excellent detail. Enjoy clearer, cleaner videos with the HDR Movie feature. It combines two images taken at different exposures to suppress excessively light areas and too dark shadows. Even in difficult shooting situations, such as counterexample, you can easily capture natural videos with excellent tonal gradation. The dedicated HDR button allows quick switching between modes when needed.