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Tripod Gitzo GK3532-82QD Mountaineer Kit

Gitzo GK3532-82QD Mountaineer Kit
  • Carbon tripod with apple head
  • Carbon eXact - for more strength and resistance to bending
  • Quick and easy adjustment thanks to G-lock ultra and leg angle selector
  • Reversible center column
  • Maximum height: 175 cm
  • Minimum height: 15 cm
  • Height with retracted column: 134 cm
  • Length in folded position: 76.5 cm
  • Sections: 3
  • Load capacity: 20 kg
  • Weight: 2.45 kg
Price: 1 689,00 BGN
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Free delivery
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The Gitzo GK3532-82QD tripod is a compact 3-section carbon tripod with an apple head that provides secure support for professional cameras with up to a 400mm attached lens.

This professional tripod features Carbon eXact tubes - include higher modulus carbon fiber, which contributes to more strength and bending resistance of the tripod.

With the removal of the central column, the Gitzo GK3532-82QD reaches a minimum height of only 15cm, which enables shooting from different perspectives.

The 3-section legs are clamped with G-lock Ultra collets, with a built-in O-ring that protects the mechanism from dirt and dust.

Large foot angle adjustment selectors provide a wider grip area for more comfortable operation. The tripod features a ballast hook on the center column to add stabilizing weight when needed.

The included Gitzo GH3382QD apple head is Arca compatible, with 360° independent pan and motion lock. A friction control wheel is also available to allow finer adjustments.