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Tripod Benro A500FN2 aluminum tripod

Benro A500FN2 aluminum tripod
Benro A500FN2 aluminum tripod Benro A500FN2 aluminum tripod
  • Robust tripod designed for middle and semi professional professional DSLR cameras Type N2 head fitted Head has the capability to adjust friction on the apple from one head screw, and after selecting framing, the other screw finalizes the apple in the desired position Central column with an opportunity to turn and thus to shoot from a low point Adjustable angle of the legs dissolution from 20 to 80 degrees
  • Weight endurance: 8 kg
  • Mass: 1.64 kg
  • Size / Sections: 72.5x12x12 cm / 3
  • MAX height (with column removed): 154 cm
  • MIN height: 41.5 cm
  • Material: Al
  • Type: Photo
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