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Accessory Profoto 101037 OCF Color Gel Starter Kit

Profoto 101037 OCF Color Gel Starter Kit
  • Add color to your palette through OCF gel filters.
Price: 215,00 BGN
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Filters can be used in combination with OCF light modifiers.

OCF gel filters can be used only with Profoto Off-camera Flash (OCF) light modifiers.

Box contents

Profoto 101037 Ocf Color Gel Starter Kit
1 x OCF Grid & GelHolder
2 x Gel attachment pieces
1 x Carrying bag
1 x Gel wallet
1 x Full CTO
1 x Half CTO
1 x Quarter CTO
1 x Quarter CTB
1 x Half Plus Green
1 x Rose Pink
1 x Light Lavender
1 x Just Blue
1 x Peacock Blue
1 x Yellow

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