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Spot Profoto 100789 Fresnel Small

Profoto 100789 Fresnel Small
  • Fresnel Small is equipped with an average sized frenelle lens. Provides a bright and focused light flux similar to sunlight. The angle of the beam is easily adjusted with built-in iris control.
  • Lens diameter: 180mm
  • Body diameter: 200mm
  • Regulation - the angle of the beam: Yes
  • Weight: 2.6 kg
Price: 2 619,00 BGN
Free delivery
Free delivery
for orders above 100 lv


The accessory is optimized for D1 monoblocks and can also be used with any Profoto impulse head without adapter.

Do not touch hot parts with bare fingers! The pilot lamps and some metal parts of the hull emit intense heat! Do not cover the accessory to prevent ventilation. Use a pilot lamp with a maximum power of not more than 500W, if a head without active cooling is used, a powerful pilot lamp of 150W should not be used. Maximum continuous fresnel load - 4x2400 Ws per minute (8x1200 Ws or 16x600 Ws, etc. bc) or 10x1000 Ws per minute (20x500 Ws or 40x250 Ws, etc.)

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