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Filter B+W CROSS SCREEN 8X (688) 58mm

B+W CROSS SCREEN 8X (688) 58mm
B+W CROSS SCREEN 8X (688) 58mm B+W CROSS SCREEN 8X (688) 58mm
  • Spectacular filter with prisms that "draw" the light of the point light sources in the frame in eight beams, located at an angle of 45 degrees
  • Due to the relatively large number of rays, it is recommended to use for scenes with a small number of point light sources and a dark background on which the rays remain clearly visible.
  • Variants:
  • B+W CROSS SCREEN 8X (688) 67mm
  • B+W CROSS SCREEN 8X (688) 52mm
  • B+W CROSS SCREEN 8X 77mm
Price: 109,00 BGN

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Filter features
Type Spectacular Cross Screen 8x (688)
Size (diameter) 58 mm
Filter Factor None
Multilayer coating None
Effect Retrieves the light of spot light sources in 8 rays at 45 degrees
Application For spectacular shots with few point light sources and a dark background
Color temperature ...
Design High quality optical glass with a fine prism
Cap size ...
Size of the front thread ...

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