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Softbox Profoto 254709 Softbox RFI 1X4 '(30x120cm)

Profoto 254709 Softbox RFI 1X4 '(30x120cm)
  • Deep rectangular softbox (tape)
  • Compatible with over 20 brands, with speedring adapters.
  • Quick installation and disassembly thanks to color coded sticks and adapter.
  • SoftGrid mounting capability for even more accurate light fitting.
  • Adapter - speedring: no
  • Light output (at 2 meters / 2400Ws / 100 ISO): f-stop 32 1/10 with two diffuse surfaces
  • Weight: 2.0 kg
  • Dimensions: 30 x 120 x 51 cm
  • Compatibility: Profoto heads and monoblocks
Price: 615,00 BGN


Suitable for product photography. An excellent solution for creating elongated highlights on oblong objects.

Box contents

Profoto 254709 Softbox Rfi 1X4 '(30X120Cm)
1 x Softbox RFI 1X4 '(30x120cm).

Speedring adapter not included!

Profoto 254709 Softbox RFI 1X4 '(30x120cm)

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Price: 615,00 BGN