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Kit Profoto 900771 Acute 2 1200 Value Kit

Profoto 900771 Acute 2 1200 Value Kit
  • Lightweight and compact impulse lighting kit. The generator has 3 sockets and an asymmetric power distribution. Opportunity to operate with voltage 100-120 V or 200-240 V.
  • Pilot Lighting (General): 1000W (100-120V), 1500W (200-240V)
  • Color Temp.: 5600 ° К
  • Top number: 90 with Magnum reflector
  • Pulse length (t 0,5): 1 / 3200-1 / 560s
  • Loading: 0.09-1.6s
  • Power (total): 1200Ws
Price: 7 915,00 BGN


Acute 2 generators are extremely small and lightweight, the weight of the kit does not exceed 6 kg. This makes it suitable for photographers carrying their equipment everywhere. Despite its small size, the Acute series generators guarantee smooth and trouble-free operation, even under heavy load.


General features
Acute / D4 Head>
Automatic voltage change (power supply) no, manually selectable 90-130V; 180-250V, 50 or 60Hz
Automatic network fuse type Buschon C, D, E 16 A / 23 0V 20 A / 120 V
Asymmetric power distribution maximum 4 f-stops
Top number 90 @ 2 m / ISO 100 with Magnum reflector
Lead number: Magnum reflector, Zoom reflector, White umbrella. 128/64/32
Recharge time 0.09-1.6s at 230V / 50Hz, 0.09-1.5s at 120V / 60Hz
Profoto Impulse Head Sockets 3 x
Pulse length (t 0,5) 1 / 3200-1 / 560s
Cable length 4 m
Power 100-127V / 200-240V, 50 / 60Hz
Protection (Fuse) - Max. power and speed Fuse 10 A / 230 V, 16 A / 120 V
Protective glass yes, matte
Impulse lamp quartz pulse lamp
Ready indication yes, sound, pilot lighting
Impulse capacity up to 4800 Ws
Control - reload speed Fast / Slow
Power (total) 1200 Ws
Power range 6 f-stops (37-1200Ws)
Cooling yes, fan
Pilot lighting - maximum power (head) 500W
Pilot lighting - maximum power (total) 1000W (100-120V), 1500W (200-240V)
Pilot lighting 250W to 500W
Dimensions 10 cm, 26 cm
Dimensions (Generator) 22x19x13cm
Power distribution Socket A 75-1200Ws Socket B 37.5-600Ws
Power adjustment and complete step
Pilot lighting modes proportional, independent control, off
Sinho nest 1 x
Synchronization and control>
Specific information - conditions with Acute / D4 heads, 120 or 230V AC
WEIGHT 2.2 kg
Weight (Generator) 4.1kg
Photoce ll / IR-slave, Switch yes

Box contents

Profoto 900771 Acute 2 1200 Value Kit

1 x Acute2 generator
2 x Acute / D4 heads
2 x Zoom reflectors
1 x Kit bag

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