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Monolight Profoto 900719 ProTwin

Profoto 900719 ProTwin
  • Double power and speed. ProTwin has two impulse lamps and two generator nozzles. When you connect them to one generator, you reduce the pulse duration by half. When connecting each to a separate generator, you get twice as much power or twice as fast recharging. Despite the extra features, ProTwin is comparable to ProHead Plus.
  • Diameter / Depth: 10 cm / 28 cm
  • Magnum + Twin + 2 Gen: f / 180.3
  • Magnum Reflector @ 8: f / 128.3
  • White Umbrella @ 7: f / 32.3
  • Zoom Reflector @ 4: f / 64.3
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Protective glass: Yes
  • Power: up to 9600 Ws
  • Pilot lamp: 500 W
Price: 6 979,00 BGN


Exceptional features in a sturdy and compact body. Double quartz pulse lamp providing light up to 9600 Ws. Compatible with the full range of Light Shaping Tools. Safe and use guaranteed by a protective glass cover and high quality connectors. Active cooling for safe use under heavy load. The kit includes Profoto Magnum Reflector.

Box contents

Profoto 900719 Protwin

1 x Magnum Reflector
Two uncovered uncovered pulse lamps
1 x Pilot lamp - 500 W
1 x replaceable frosted glass
1 x Protective transport cap
1 x Tripod Adapter
1 x Removable handle
1 x 4m dual cable with sarc-proof connector.

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