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Softbox Profoto 254703 Softbox RFI 2x3 '60x90cm

Profoto 254703 Softbox RFI 2x3 '60x90cm
  • Deep softbox with a concave front panel for accessories
  • Two diffused surfaces and a silvery inner coating with high reflectivity
  • Additional accessories such as SoftGrid, Stripmask and Flat Front, allowing even more precise control and light shaping
  • Compatibility with over 20 brands, through speedring adapters.
  • Adapter - speedring: no
  • Light output (at 2 meters / 2400Ws / 100 ISO): f-stop 32 7/10 with two diffuse surfaces
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Size: 60 x 90 x 43.5 cm
Price: 615,00 BGN
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Free delivery
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The larger the light source, the softer it is. This is a simple and significant fact about our knowledge of the light to be learned. This is also the main reason Profoto softboxes have many size and shape options. With a wide selection, you can always find the right tool for your particular task.

Box contents

Profoto 254703 Softbox Rfi 2X3 '60X90Cm
Diffuser outer, diffuser internal (Velcro fastening), color-coded rods - 4pcs, high quality transport bag.