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Tripod Velbon SUB-65

Velbon SUB-65
Velbon SUB-65 Velbon SUB-65 Velbon SUB-65 Velbon SUB-65
  • Multi-functional aluminum tripod with fluid head, suitable for amateur photographers
  • Movable central column that turns into a monopod with 5 sections and a maximum height of 164 cm.
  • Ability to attach to a table
  • QB-46 Quick Release Plate
  • Load capacity: 4.5 kg
  • Maximum height: 161 cm
  • Height with retracted column: 131 cm
  • Minimum height: 46 cm
  • Folded length: 53.6 cm
  • Weight: 2.6 kg
Price: 399,00 BGN


The Velbon Sub-65 tripod is a multifunctional aluminum model with a fluid head, suitable for amateur photographers and has a load capacity of 4.5 kg.

The fluid head has a knob to lock and control pan and tilt, and the handle can be mounted on either side of the head for left- or right-handed use.

In its lowest position, the tripod has a height of 46cm, but by extending the 4 leg sections and the central column, it can reach a maximum height of 161. To transport the tripod, it folds down to a compact 53.6cm.

The central column of the Sub-65 is removable and easily turns into a monopod with a maximum height of 164cm. and length when folded 45cm. The monopod can support cameras up to 2.7kg and the clamp is used to adjust its leg height and allows you to attach the monopod to the edge of a table, pipe or railing.

Velbon SUB-65

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Price: 399,00 BGN

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