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Tripod Manfrotto MKCOMPACTLT-BK Compact Light - Black

Manfrotto MKCOMPACTLT-BK Compact Light - Black
  • Compact Light is the lightest tripod in the Manfrotto range and is a connection between Mini Tripods (Pixi) and Full Size Tripods. Designed for use with compact cameras and thanks to its light weight and small size, the tripod can always be with you.
  • Weight endurance: 1.5 kg
  • Mass: 0.816 kg
  • Size / Sections: 39.8 cm / 4
  • MAX height: 131 cm
  • MIN height: 39 cm
  • Case: No
  • Material: Al
  • Type: Photo
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Complete with built-in (non-replaceable) apple head with quick position adjustment. The tripod is suitable for compact cameras as well as any device weighing up to 1.5kg, such as the iPhone® (with Manfrotto KLYP +). If you are using it with entry-level DSLR, we recommend using it with the standard kit lens only (for example 18-55mm). If you own a Sony NEX 5R / 5T or similar camera with a very small tripod grip area, you will need to use the included adapter.
The tripod is complete with a bag. To preserve the finish and the original color, we recommend cleaning the tripod with a white rubber pencil rub. The use of water or other cleaning fluids can damage the surface finish.

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