Book Digital Photography - Denis Kolisnichenko

 Digital Photography - Denis Kolisnichenko
  • In this practical guide you will find answers to some of the most important questions that any amateur photographer faces to take on the fascinating way of digital photography.
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In this practical guide, you will find answers to some of the most important questions that every amateur photographer has decided to take on the fascinating path of digital photography.

The first part of the book provides recommendations on the choice of photographic equipment. Which camera is better? And which one will be better for you? Is it worth buying an expensive SLR or can you limit yourself to a relatively inexpensive digital compact camera? The first part of this book will answer these questions and help you choose the right camera for you. The selection of accessories and lenses is also considered.

The second part of the book deals with the peculiarities of camera operation. You will learn how to replace the lens and memory card, how to extend the battery life, how to connect the camera to a computer, and more.

The third part is the culmination of the book, because it shows ways to shoot in different conditions. You will learn how to shoot properly at night, in winter, what techniques to take with you for your wedding shoot and for your usual trip.

This section also explains what the different settings and modes of your camera are used for. Here you will find features when shooting portraits, landscapes, using flash, macro and body shots, learning how to make a blurry background (bokeh) and more. They are explained
types of filters and how they are used. After reading this part, you will be "on" with your camera. Terms like exposure, aperture, exposure, white balance, ISO and more will no longer confuse you.

The last quarter of the book discusses the additional software that will be useful for any photographer. You will learn how to transfer photos to your computer and process them - to reduce the size, rotate, crop (crop), remove red eyes, and more.

In short, this handy guide to digital photography will teach you everything you need to know to take good pictures.

About Denis Kolisnichenko

Denis Kolisnichenko is a leading author in the field of information technology. He has published numerous articles and more than 30 books. Written in plain language, his books are distinguished by an abundance of specific practical examples. This is what makes them very popular.


Part 1 - The Difficult Choice
  • Digital non-mirror cameras
  • Choice of digital camera manufactured by Nikon
  • Choosing a digital camera made by Canon
  • What kind of lens do you need? A quick guide
  • Lens selection, full guide
  • Extra accessories or what else to buy

Part 2 - A nuance in operation
  • Replacing lenses and memory cards
  • Proper handling of the camera's battery
  • Connecting the camera to a computer

Part 3 - Learning to take photos seriously or strive to become professionals

  • Camera modes
  • Some tips
  • Micrograph
  • Using light filters
  • Frame composing
  • We set the camera correctly
  • Blurred bokeh background or secrets
  • Flash photography

Part 4 - Auxiliary software
  • GIMP Image Editor
  • Nikon ViewNX software
  • Adobe Lightroom - an indispensable assistant to the photographer
  • Google Picasa 3

Appendix 1: Some specifications of the camera
Annex 2: Examples

Digital Photography - Denis Kolisnichenko

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