Accessory Pentax O-GPS1

Pentax O-GPS1
  • GPS function to record geographic coordinates of the scene ASTROTRACER function for easier astro photography Simple Navigation for easy destination finding Electronic compass function to find and preserve shooting direction
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GPS feature for recording the geographical coordinates of the location

The O-GPS1 is mounted on a flashlight of compatible cameras and records the latitude, longitude, altitude, universal time (UTC) and direction of capture in the metadata of the image. Using positioning software such as Google Earth ™, for example, the user can easily check the location of the map on which the images are taken. This is very useful later when sorting files from the camera.

Note: When O-GPS1 is used in a location where GPS satellites cannot be captured, the coordinates recorded in the metadata of the image may be incorrect or missing.

ASTROTRACER function for easier astro photography

When used with the PENTAX K-5 or Kr, O-GPS1 also offers the ASTROTRACER feature **, which connects the GPS device to the SR (Shake Reduction) camera stabilization system for accurate tracking of celestial bodies. The device calculates the motion of stars, planets, and other objects using the latitude taken from GPS coordinates and the horizontal and vertical orientations taken from the camera's gyro and magnetic sensor. With the data acquired, the camera sensor shifts in sync with the motion of the objects. *** As a result, stars and other celestial bodies are captured as clear points instead of blurred lines, even with long exposures. This makes astrophotography a much easier task since it requires only a tripod and eliminates the need for other sophisticated devices such as an equatorial telescope.

** This feature is only possible when the O-GPS1 is mounted on a PENTAX diet SLR camera with an electromagnetic SR optical stabilization system.

*** The duration of ASTROTRACER operation may vary depending on photographic conditions.

Simple Navigation to find your destination easily

O-GPS1 has a Simple Navigation feature that calculates the direction and distance from your current position to a destination. The user can use the coordinates of the destination from a photo already taken or enter it using a computer ****

**** At the time of purchase, O-GPS1 has the destinations of 9 international PENTAX service centers introduced.

Electronic compass function to find and preserve the direction of shooting

The O-GPS1 has an electronic compass that shows on the LCD the direction the camera is pointing. Using the geomagnetic field data from its magnetic sensor and GPS coordinates, the device calculates the deviation from the north. Direction data is recorded in the metadata of the image.


Weatherproof construction - you will have no problems in light rain
Independent power source (one AAA-sized battery) to avoid wasting camera power

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