Accessory Nikon WU-1B Wireless Mobile Adapter

Nikon WU-1B Wireless Mobile Adapter
  • Compact wireless camera adapter for digital camera Nikon D610 Compatible Power over the camera Preview or compose images on your smartphone
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Compact wireless adapter for mobile digital camera with built-in Wi-Fi . Allows direct connection between a Nikon digital camera and a smart phone or tablet *.

Powered through the camera:
no batteries required.

Easy Transfer: You can send high quality photos and movies directly from your camera to a smart device for easy sharing on social media by uploading them to movie sharing and saving sites or emailing them.

Camera Remote Control **: You can use the WU-1b to control your camera through your smart device. Ideal for self portraits and group photos.

Preview or composite images on your smart device: Use your smartphone or tablet to preview images when shooting remotely, or use the larger tablet screen to compose more complex pictures.

Easy backup: free up space on your camera's memory card while saving photos and movies to your smart device.

Compatibility: The
WU-1b currently supports iOS and Android OS. Please check the latest compatibility information on Google Play ™ or the iTunes Store®.

Software: The Wireless Mobile Utility utility is available for free download on your smart device.

Easy Firmware Update: The firmware can be easily updated via the smart device.

* Compatible with iOS and smart devices running Android. This feature requires the use of a special application that can be downloaded for free from Google Play ™ and the iTunes Store®.
Android, Google, Google Play, YouTube, and other brands are trademarks of Google Inc.

** Connecting the optional wireless WU-1b mobile phone adapter to the camera allows a wireless device * equipped with a wireless LAN to remotely control your camera. You can activate the shutter release, select a focus point, and shoot in time mode.

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