Film Rollei RETRO 80S/135-36

Rollei RETRO 80S/135-36
Rollei RETRO 80S/135-36 Rollei RETRO 80S/135-36
  • The Rollei retro 80s is a new film that comes from the AGFA Aviphot Pan 80. It is covered with a clear and transparent polyester base of 100 microns. Its spectral sensitivity is expanding in the near infrared region. Thanks to this feature, the Rollei retro 80s is suitable for portrait or photo photography. In fact, this sensitivity to the red spectrum reduces the small visible defects on the skin.
Price: 10,50 BGN

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Basic features:

Traditional 35mm black and white film
80 ISO
Highly effective topcoat that protects against scratching
Anti-static properties even after treatment
The film is also suitable for shooting in haze, fog and other atmospheric conditions that can affect the image quality.
A spectral sensitivity of up to 750 nm enables near infrared operation