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Rollei Movies


Rollei, founded in Germany in 1920 and known for its medium-format dual-lens camera Rolleiflex, today the brand is used in several segments.

In PhotoSynthesis stores you will find black and white films 35 mm and 120 medium formats, photochemistry, and more.

Photo Chemistry Rollei RHS11 RHS DC movie developer 1L

  • Rollei High Contrast is ideal for processing movies for reproduction and other high contrast applications. The developer is especially recommended for use with the Rollei ATO Lite film. Supplied in a bottle with an impermeable child resistant cap. This makes the contents of the bottle extremely resistant to oxidation. Dilution: 1: 4 (100 ml concentrated hydrochloric acid + 400 ml water) Temperature 20 ° C / 68 ° F
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