Accessory Olympus MMF-3 FT lens mount adapter to MFT mount camera

Olympus MMF-3 FT lens mount adapter to MFT mount camera
  • Lens Adapter 4/3 to Micro 4/3 System Dust and Splash Protection
Price: 419,00 BGN
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With the help of the MMF-3, lenses in the 4/3 system will be able to fit into the amazingly small Micro 4/3 mount. And since it's dust and moisture proof, the MMF-3 is ideal for the E-M5 and pro or top lenses, which also withstand dust and water spray and therefore suitable for all weather conditions. It is possible to use the full range of 4/3 lenses with Micro 4/3 system body * using an adapter that weighs only 42g.

* If using a ZUIKO DIGITAL lens that does not work with high contrast AF, it is advisable to shoot in S-AF + MF "mode and adjust if necessary.

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