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Flash Olympus MAL-1 light source

Olympus MAL-1 light source
Olympus MAL-1 light source Olympus MAL-1 light source
  • Highlight where necessary with the two flexible 17 cm LEDs LED No need for battery - put in the PEN accessory port Suitable for pictures on the web Improves macro shooting
Price: 99,00 BGN

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The Macro Light source is your portable system that lets you put the right focus where needed. Placed in the accessory port, the light source has two flexible 17 cm LEDs that can be directed independently and illuminate the sections you want.

The perfect accessory for Internet marketers or anyone else who wants to take close-ups of small objects indoors. Combine with the MCON-P01 Macro Converter to turn your PEN into a portable macro photography studio!

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