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Case Peli™ Case 1550 with foam (black)

Peli™ Case 1550 with foam (black)
Peli™ Case 1550 with foam (black) Peli™ Case 1550 with foam (black) Peli™ Case 1550 with foam (black)
  • Waterproof, impact and dustproof case
  • Easy opening with double locking
  • Automatic pressure equalizing valve
  • Rubber edges for better sealing
  • Steel fasteners
  • Fully fired foam. Maximum load 31.7 kg.
  • Capacity: computers, photographic equipment, electronic devices
  • External dimensions: 52.4x42.8x20.6cm
  • Internal dimensions: 46.8x35.5x19.3cm
  • Handles / straps: movable handle
  • Close: Two-stage locks, sealing and sealing system
  • Weight: 5,400 kg
  • Material: High quality polypropylene
Price: 649,00 BGN


The Peli Case 1550 suitcase is a hard, waterproof, dustproof, chemical and corrosion resistant model that is used to transport all kinds of equipment.

It is made of a super impact-resistant structural polymer, which makes it extremely strong and reliable. A 6.4mm neoprene o-ring and double locks seal the Peli Case 1550 perfectly, and an automatic valve equalizes internal pressure when needed.

A large handle with a rubber coating allows maximum comfortable transportation of the Peli Case 1550.

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