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Stabilizer Novoflex Pistock-C Chest and Shoulder Pod

Novoflex Pistock-C Chest and Shoulder Pod
  • Novoflex's Chestpod is a great support when shooting with long-lens lenses at times and places where the monopod would be impractical or forbidden. Novoflex's Chestpod starts with a comfortable neck strap that passes into a rubber base that stands at the top of the sternum. A rotating tiller handle with a 1/4 "-20 bolt for attaching to a tripod is attached to this base. Of course, medium-speed" telephoto lenses like 85mm f / 1.2 or f / 1.4, 135mm f / 2.0 and etc. You will need to fasten the front of Novoflex's Chestpod for the bottom of the unit.
  • Mass: 450 g
  • Dimensions: 30.0 x 4.1 x 4.6 cm
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