Calibrator Calibrite ColorChecker Display Plus

Calibrite ColorChecker Display Plus
Calibrite ColorChecker Display Plus Calibrite ColorChecker Display Plus Calibrite ColorChecker Display Plus Calibrite ColorChecker Display Plus Calibrite ColorChecker Display Plus
Calibrite ColorChecker Display Plus Calibrite ColorChecker Display Plus
  • Professional colorimeter and calibrator for monitors, projectors and mobile devices
  • Suitable for calibration of high brightness monitors - OLED, HD, HDR
  • Precise measurement up to 2000 nits
  • 1886 default gamma curve for 3D LUT and HDR
  • Support for LED, plasma, RG phosphor screens, OLED, LCD and Wide Gamut
  • Optimal values of black, correct neutral levels of details
  • USB-C connector and USB-A adapter
Price: 599,00 BGN
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Calibrite ColorChecker Display Plus (X-Rite i1Display Pro Plus) is an extremely precise calibrator for displays with reliable measurement up to 2000 nits, especially suitable for OLED, HD, HDR monitors with high brightness levels.

The Calibrite ColorChecker Display Pro colorimetric module is compatible with all modern types of flat screen technologies and is spectrally calibrated, which makes it compatible with any future monitor technology through a simple software update and protects it from technological obsolescence. Calibrite ColorChecker Display Pro allows for optimal black and excellent correctness and neutral levels of detail and is suitable for OLED displays and other monitors that can achieve black close to 0. 1886 default gamma curve, standard for HDTV, it makes a suitable choice for 3D LUT and HDR workflows.

With it, you can accurately adjust the brightness, contrast and color rendering of your screens to get as close as possible to the actual colors while processing your photos and videos.

The Calibrite ColorChecker Display Pro software is called Calibrite ccProfiler was developed by X-Rite and is performed as a series of steps with brief instructions for each stage (so-called wizard mode). Calibrite ccProfiler has two modes of operation: Basic and Advanced. Basic mode automatically selects the appropriate settings and asks only a few questions, while advanced mode gives you complete freedom to adjust the screen and provides the following options:

Unlimited control of white point, brightness, contrast and gamma values;
Calibration of an unlimited number of monitors (projectors) connected to one workstation;
Calibration of multiple monitors in a workgroup;
Possibility to choose between 3 sizes of screen samples to increase the accuracy of the color profile;
Periodically automated measurement of the level of ambient light and compliance of the screen profiles with it;
Glossy screen compensation technology (FlareCorrect);
Automated control of displays at the hardware level - eliminates the need for manual settings wherever possible;
Test for uniformity of color reproduction over the entire screen area;
Periodic quality control of the calibration and preparation of a trend model.

Calibrite ColorChecker Display Pro supports color spaces of all broadcast standards: NTSC, PAL, SECAM and most importantly - ITU-R Rec.BT.709 (HD video). This makes it the only possible solution for calibrating monitors for video editing, post-production and color grading, when the final purpose of the materials is for television broadcasting.

In addition to photo and video processing, the Calibrite ColorChecker Display Pro has another special feature: optimizing the monitor for accurate Pantone color reproduction. This makes it extremely suitable for graphic design, prepress and printing.

When operating in ambient light reading mode, the Calibrite ColorChecker Display Pro detects both the brightness and color temperature of the room light.

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