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Lighting Quadralite LED Ring Light 12"

Quadralite LED Ring Light 12"
Quadralite LED Ring Light 12" Quadralite LED Ring Light 12" Quadralite LED Ring Light 12" Quadralite LED Ring Light 12" Quadralite LED Ring Light 12"
Quadralite LED Ring Light 12"
  • Round LED lighting
  • Color temperature control throughout the RGB spectrum
  • Intensity adjustment
  • Wireless control
  • USB power supply
  • 26 light effects
  • Mini tripod
  • Variants:
  • Quadralite LED Ring Light 10″
Price: 89,00 BGN

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Quadralite LED Ring Light is a permanent circular light source, suitable for photo and video shooting, live streaming, vlogging and more. applications.

The round shape of the lighting allows the positioning of the camera in its center, where the light in the shot scene is evenly distributed without sharp shadows.

Quadralite LED Ring Light allows control of color temperature across the RGB spectrum and intensity (8 degrees) through a built-in and wireless controller with a range of up to 12 meters, as well as the use of 26 different effects.

The lighting is powered by a standard USB A port, which allows its use virtually anywhere.

Number of diodes: 48
CRI (Ra): 93.2
LUX: 310 Lux (0.5m)
Color temperature in white light: 5081K
Color effects:
1. Smooth rainbow RGB
2. 8-color wave (red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, white & orange)
3. Green color chase with orange background
4. Blue color chase with green background
5. 4-color (red, green, orange & blue) chasing with intermittent white background
6. 4-color flowing in 4 segments (red, green, orange & blue)
7. mixed RGB colors
8. 4-color flowing in 2 segments (red, yellow, white & purple)
9. Police light (quick flash of red & blue)
10. 5-color transition
11. 5-color breathing
12. 1-sided blue tailing with red background
13. 1-sided green tailing with white background
14. Static red
15. Static orange
16. Static yellow
17. Static army green
18. Static green
19. Static azure
20. Static cyan
21. Static pale blue
22. Static blue
23. Static lavender
24. Static purple
25. Static pink
26. Static white
Thickness: 2.5cm
Weight: 217 g (lamp without cable and tripod)
Tripod: max. stride 30.5cm, max. height 24cm, min. height 13.5cm

Box contents

Quadralite Led Ring Light 12"

Wireless remote controller
Mini tripod
Smartphone holder