Video Device Atomos Connect 2 4K

Connect 2 4K
Connect 2 4K Connect 2 4K Connect 2 4K
  • Live Stream and record up to 4K 30p (in up to FullHD 60p)
  • Plug-and-play
  • 1x HDMI input up to 4K 30p
  • 1x USB Type-A output up to 1080p60 (YUV.JPEG)
  • Automatic conversion to UVC
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Atomos Connect 2 4K (ATOMCON002) is a capture converter that allows live streaming of up to Full HD 60p video from incoming 4K (up to 30p), HD (up to 60p) or 720p (up to 60p) signal while maintaining the original frame rate and resolution.

This plug-and-paly captor allows you to connect the HDMI output of a DSLR, mirrorless camera or other camera to a computer via USB and broadcast live on the Internet or record video and audio. Atomos Connect 4K automatically converts the input signal to the widely supported USB Video Class (UVC) standard.

With Atomos Connect 4K you can use DSLR as a webcam, mirrorless cameras, action cameras and ordinary camcorders.

HDMI input: up to 4Kp30
USB output: up to 1080p60 (YUV.JPEG)
Supports 8/10/12-bit color
Supports USB Audio UAC standard (L-PCM)
Dimensions: 64 x 28 x 13mm
Weight: 21.4 g

Box contents

Atomos Connect 2 4K

Velcro straps
USB-A to USB-C cable

Atomos Connect 2 4K

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