Calibrator Datacolor SpyderX Photo Kit

Datacolor SpyderX Photo Kit
Datacolor SpyderX Photo Kit Datacolor SpyderX Photo Kit Datacolor SpyderX Photo Kit
  • SpyderX Elite Calibrator for precise and accurate colors on your monitor
  • Spyder Cube accessory for proper exposure and white balance
  • Spyder Checkr 24 color card for effective color balancing
  • Metal suitcase
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The Datacolor SpyderX Photo Kit is a kit that contains three tools for achieving accurate colors, detail and depth of images from the shooting process to post-production.

The SpyderX Photo Kit includes a SpyderX Elite monitor calibrator, a Spyder Cube for white balance and a Spyder Checkr 24 for calibrating camera colors.

Datacolor SpyderX Elite calibrator

Datacolor's SpyderX Elite is a calibration solution that helps you set up quickly and accurately. The colorimeter works with SpyderX software to provide control and management of your monitor's calibration by fine-tuning color, brightness and contrast. The SpyderX Elite is equipped with a light sensor and can automatically calibrate your monitor to ambient light.

You also have an unlimited set of options and preset calibration settings depending on the specific application for which the monitor is used, including photos, video, prepress, or scientific purposes. These calibration settings allow you to quickly make the necessary changes and work with different combinations of gamma, white dot and brightness.

In addition to computer monitors, SpyderX Elite is compatible with digital projectors, suitable for video and cinema applications, and can be used to set up multiple monitors or monitor configurations.

Datacolor Spyder Cube accessory

The Datacolor Spyder Cube is a 3.8 cm side cube that allows you to easily adjust the color temperature as well as the exposure, brightness and shadows in your images. The Spyder Cube is a spectrally neutral 3D tool that is small enough to fit in a camera pocket or bag and allows you to adjust on the go during photos or post-production.

Place the Spyder Cube under the lighting conditions under which you will shoot. Orient the tool with the black face down and pointing towards you, with the two separated white / gray faces fully visible. Take a picture of the cube and see what information and measurements it has made:

1. The chrome ball measures the glare
2. The white face defines the bright areas
3. The gray face measures the color temperature and midtones
4. The black face determines the shadows relative to the Black Trap
5. Black Trap defines absolute black

Spyder Checkr 24 color card

Whether you are a photographer or a videographer, you can use the Datacolor Spyder Checkr 24 color card to effectively balance colors. The product has 24 saturated colors, 2 skin tones, 6 gray colors and a large standard with 18% gray.

Spyder Checkr 24 allows you to adjust the white balance and exposure both in the camera and in post-processing.

Box contents

Datacolor Spyderx Photo Kit

Datacolor SpyderX Elite calibrator
Datacolor Spyder Cube accessory
Datacolor SpyderCHECKR 24 color card

Datacolor SpyderX Photo Kit

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Price: 619,00 BGN

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