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Tripod Dynaphos Tripod for reflectors

  • Tripod clip with adjustable shoulder strap Adjustable shoulder length 98 cm - 108 cm Non-removable head 15.5 mm 2 pcs. clamps for mounting a reflector, etc. Accessories Nozzles 12 mm Bag for the whole set
  • Max. height: 360 cm
  • Min. height: 115 cm
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Shortcut: 105 cm
  • Size and weight: ...
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Reflector Dynaphos Reflective disk 5 in 1 - 150x200 cm

  • Reflective disc with 5 different surfaces suitable for use in hand or by reflector holder Dimensions: 150x200 cm, foldable up to 60 cm diameter Surfaces: Variant 1: silver, gold, white - reflective, white - diffusion, silver, gold / silver, white, diffused white, black
Price: 169,00 BGN
Code: 106050074
Reflector Quadralite Frame Reflector Kit

  • Quadralite Frame Reflector Kit is a large reflector with an aluminum frame
  • Extremely useful tool for working with reflected light, not only in the studio but also outdoors
  • The screen is 120x200 cm in size, mounted on an aluminum frame with a diameter of 25 mm
  • Mounting on tripods or independently
  • The set includes a handy bag containing a frame and a set of five screens: gold, silver, white, black, white diffuse
Price: 549,00 BGN
Code: 106050343
Reflector Lastolite LR82243RC Skylite Rapid Standart Large 2X2m

  • Designed for field and studio use
  • Screens are attached to the frame by hooks with clips
  • Skylight Rapid Frame Large 2m x 2m
  • Silver-white reflector
  • 1.25 stop diffuser
  • Skylight Rapid hard case
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